*Pixie Dust*

Monday, September 28, 2009

Currently I’m sucking down some pixy stix (remember those?!) for some quick energy.

The thing I hate most about working three nights on, one off, then two on again, is the fact that I get SO tired that one night off.  It doesn’t really even feel like a night off.  And the worst part is, I DID sleep during the day.  Frustrating…


So not too much exciting.

I got my pneumonia vaccine this morning.   I hate how sore it makes your arm.

We went grocery shopping for a few things tonight to make it until Friday evening.  I have to do the math yet, but I believe we are UNDER our budget for this month.

We watched the last episode of Gossip Girl Season One tonight and WHOA!  What a cliffhanger.  LOVE that show.

See…what did I tell you, pretty boring 🙂

We’re staying up till midnight then hitting the sack.

I’m going to go attack my google reader inbox (over 200 items!) with pixie sticks in hand.

Enjoy your night!

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