Last day of the month…

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WHERE did this month go??

I spent the last day of the month trying to get through all of my “to-do” list.  I think I did pretty good–I got everything done except one thing.  And that was only because I was too tired at that point to do it!

There’s always tomorrow.

It was another hot and humid day.  I was going to go to the gym, but then I was sweating so much from dusting the entire house and cleaning both bathrooms and making lunch that I said, “This is my workout today.”

I’m kind of excited about tomorrow.  We are weighing in for the second time and will do measurements.  I’m trying not to feel too caught up in the number on the scale, because I know it is just a number.  The good thing is that I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some inches, just because my clothes are feeling looser.  But either way, no matter what happens, I know that I am feeling better.

Time for bed.

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Memorial Day 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ahh…finally done with my three days on 🙂

And a good night hanging out with Kimm’s family.

And of course good food!

In fact, a WONDERFUL meal (can you tell I just love food!)–

…veggie burger with American cheese and fried onions (mustard and ketchup too)

…homemade potato salad

…deviled egg

…veggies (carrots, celery, green peppers) and dip

…potato chips

…strawberry shortcake

…brownie (small piece to be good!!)

Watched the movie 21. Had seen it a while back but forgot how good it was.

And now time for bed again.

A full and busy day tomorrow awaits.

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Empty Roads

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What with it being Memorial Day weekend, you might expect the roads to be crammed, but they are empty, empty, empty.  Must be everyone is where they want to be during the weekend.  I’m sure the traffic will be horrendous on Monday.  But for now, I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the peaceful ride.

Windows down, wind through my hair…check

Upbeat tunes…check

Green scenery…check

Contented Kaye…CHECK 🙂

Two down…one more left!  Off to bed.

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Good Sleep

Saturday, May 28, 2011

There’s nothing like finally sleeping good with the AC in 🙂

Two more days on.  Last night was a busy one.  We’ll see what tonight brings.

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AC In.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Well, we tried to hold out, but we succumbed.  With temps in the upper 80s and humidity above 80%, the air conditioner in the bedroom was put in today.

I’m so glad too because last night was horrible to sleep.  The temp in the room was 79 degrees, and hot and sticky to boot (we have ceiling fans that heat so they always tell us the temp of the room and the desired temp in case you were wondering how I could be so precise on the temp!)

So tomorrow when I come home from working I’ll be able to walk into a cool bedroom and sleep sound 🙂

Izzy will be so happy too–we took her on a walk today and she was WIPED out…breathing super fast when we got back.  Last year after her walks she was used to being able to escape to the coolness of the AC in the bedroom (we always turn it off during the day, but with the curtains and doors closed it stays cool).

Today flew by as usual…they always do.

Managed to hit the grocery store and the gym though so I feel like the day was a success.

Also had the “bee guys” come again to spray since we have had a couple more yellow jackets in the house and hovering around the windows.  For $250 they guarantee their work and for that money, I’ll call to make sure there are no bees!

Off to get dinner ready.

For everyone who is enjoying a three-day weekend, have fun 🙂

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

This month is flying by.  After this weekend, we’ll be into June.

And thus the hot, humid weather begins!

We have plans to put our air conditioner in the bedroom tomorrow.  Temps are supposed to climb up into the upper 80s and even up to the 90s by the end of the weekend.  And even this week has been so STICKY.

I feel like I actually did some learning today.  It’s great being an adult and learning for learning’s sake–either because you want to know the information for something you need to do or just because you WANT TO KNOW.  So much better than just learning (and then forgetting!) miscellaneous facts during school.

Anyways, I learned a little bit more about itunes today.  I have been importing some music into my library and I noticed that some of my songs/cds did not have album art associated with it, which was DRIVING my anal self CRAZY 🙂  So I did some investigating on the itunes help and found out how to import album art that I found on the internet.  Cool, huh?  It was for me.  A good sense of accomplishment.

And then I have been re-reading/taking notes from my old nutrition textbook.  Seriously that stuff is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING to me today since I want to eat healthy and I want to know how food works in my body.

Tonight we are planning a movie (the third and last of “The Girl Who…” series) and of course let’s not forget popcorn 🙂

I will try to forget that starting tomorrow I have to work three days in a row.

At least we were invited to a grill out at Kimm’s parents on Monday so I have that to look forward to.

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Burning Eyes

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For some reason today I’ve been extra tired!

My eyes were burning when I woke up (I didn’t want to get up!) and now they are burning again (SO ready for bed!)

Anyways, I feel like I had a fairly productive day.

It was weird, today KIMM was actually out at the office, and I was at home 🙂  A change of routine.  While she was gone I washed the sheets (love the scent of freshly washed sheets) and called an old friend.

When Kimm came home we ate an early dinner (can I just say I am LOVING pickles on my veggie burger now…takes it to a whole new level of flavor).  Afterwards we headed to the library to drop off and pick up books.  Then a trip to Savers to see if we would be lucky with clothes.  And we were!  Two shirts (one t-shirt, one polo) for me and five shirts (3 polos for work and 2 t-shirts) and 1 pair of work pants for Kimm.  I spent $8, Kimm spent $29.  Not bad I would say.  We also picked up a new sheet for covering the orange chair in the office…somehow the other one got a huge rip in it (I think it started as a small rip in the washing machine which turned into a large rip when Izzy kept re-arranging herself on the chair).  That was only $4–again a steal!

So quite a nice day.  Ready for a snack and some TV to unwind before bed.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today I just wanted to make mention of the fact that I am so grateful to have discovered the world of blogs.

There are just so many blogs that inspire me on a daily basis.  We, as humans, can so easily bring ourselves down–with an unsatisfying look in the mirror, regret at over-eating, failure to meet a goal, frustration at others successes, and so much more.  There are many times that I feel unhappy, but since beginning to read blogs I realize that I am not alone and that sometimes it is very small actions, repeated, that can change your life and how you feel about yourself.  There have been MANY times when I have been uplifted by blog posts.  I have written my own blog for over three years now and find it to be a catharsis in regards to thoughts and emotions.  I have read blogs for just as long and even though I don’t personally know many of the bloggers, I feel as if I DO know them and sometimes I feel as if they are speaking directly to me!

So to honor the inspiration that I derive on a daily basis, I want to share once again some of my favorite blogs.  Maybe you’ll get some inspiration to be strong and healthy as well.  There’s no reason for all of us not to feel proud of ourselves.  Sometimes it may take us longer to love ourselves, but isn’t it all about the journey?

The “Top 10”

Daily Garnish

Healthy Tipping Point

Roni’s Weigh

Iowa Girl Eats

Oh She Glows

Kath Eats Real Food

Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Peanut Butter Fingers


Questions for Dessert

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My niche

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just got done working a 12 hour shift in IMC (there were only 2 patients in ICU!)

And I can truly say now that I’m glad I’m in ICU.  I feel like I BELONG there. IMC has too many nurses, too many patients who can drive you crazy (now I call them the “talkers”–because they are not sedated!), too much noise and activity.  I like focusing on my 1-2 patients and knowing everything about what’s going on with them.  I’m SO GLAD I decided to take this ICU position 🙂

Wicked tired, so heading to bed.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I made it to the gym again today 🙂

Twice in one month.  I think I may be getting back into the swing of things 🙂

It was a good workout.  As usual, I didn’t really feel like going but then after I was there and was done, I felt GREAT!!

This is a quick one since I have to make dinner before work.  I also filed for an hour today…making good progress on that never-ending pile.

BTW…for anyone who is interested…I did update my “Blogs That I Read” section on my blog.  Some of them were no longer in existence and then there were plenty that I do read now that weren’t listed.  So check it out if you want.

Adios.  Hope everyone is having a great end of the weekend!

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