New “After Work” Morning Routine

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now that we have Izzy, I need to change my “after work” morning routine a bit.

When I came home today, I fed the cats and then fed myself (a bowl of cereal).  I did not get changed into bed clothes immediately like I normally do.  That’s because I need to fit a short little walk in with Izzy.  But first I gave Charlie a bunch of lovin’.  This was actually the first time I have seen him in the living room since we brought Izzy home.  He’s been so nervous and scared of her.

I had a pretty good night at work.  Some down time.  So I used it to look up some information about training dogs and also about introducing dogs and cats.  Turns out it could be QUITE some time before Izzy, Madeline and Charlie get along.  First Izzy will need some training.  And part of that training is making sure that she gets her daily exercise in.  So that’s why I figured I would give her a little break from being in the room and take her for a quick walk.  It helps me too, by making me get a little exercise before I go to bed.

It will be an adjustment for sure.

My goal will be to get into bed by 8:30 am-ish.  That way I’ll get 8 hours of sleep.

I am disclosing that I may have to change up this routine once I see how it goes 🙂

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