DETOX {Day 20}

Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy day.  Work was crazy!  Started out with two codes in the ED…neither one made it.  Every unit was busy.  Staffing was a challenge.  I was so glad to leave.


4:30 am — smoothie, 1/4 cup cashews

6:30 am — some celery, carrots, and broccoli with my homemade hummus (which is frustrating me…still does not have the ideal taste I prefer…I’m thinking I will probably have to chuck this batch and try again??)

Ride home — apple

Dinner — chili (actually more like bean/tomato soup because I used diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce so the consistency was much different…good, but not really a chili!)

After dinner we had to run to BJ’s.  We had put it off for so long, but the cat litter situation was getting desperate!  Usually I don’t like going out to do stuff after dinner, and especially when it starts getting dark, but Kimm drove and I had my heated seats on and I was listening to the  music and all was good!  We actually got done pretty fast.  Once home, I hopped in the shower and we watched a Gilmore Girls (which by the way is on Netflix streaming so now we don’t even have to change discs!  super convenient!)

Snack — tortilla chips and salsa



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