Sleeping Weather…

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Such a rainy, gloomy morning.  PERFECT sleeping weather.

However, not so good for walking Izzy.  Not sure if I will take her for a walk yet.  We have decided we don’t want her smelling like WET dog 🙂   The rain was coming down pretty good when I was driving home.  I was trying to give it a quick opportunity to stop while I ate my breakfast.  Now I’ll have to go check the situation out.  The decision will have to be made soon though because bed is calling my name.

Two down, one to go.

Edited:  I DID go on a short walk with Izzy this morning.  It was only drizzling and I felt so bad for even thinking of missing her morning routine!  And while we were out I met a few more neighbors, one who has a yellow lab.  Izzy and Rosie sniffed each other, got into aggressive mode (which freaked me out!–that’s the first time I ever saw Izzy’s fur rise), but then eventually Izzy started playing with Rosie.  It was so cute and I was so happy she was socializing well.  When I got home, I literally FELL into bed…I was exhausted.

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