Monday, January 31, 2011

As the month comes to a close we are expecting more snow yet again.

The prediction: anywhere from 1-2 feet.

Seriously not looking forward to this.  Thankfully a good portion of the snow we already got has melted so now the snowbanks are only about 3-5 feet high instead of 4-6 feet 🙂  It’s supposed to start tomorrow morning, continue throughout the day, and into the night and end with freezing rain.  Oh joy.  Fun, huh?  Don’t you wish you lived in Massachusetts?

Kimm and I made a quick trip out to Home Depot tonight to pick up two 50-lb bags of sand to be able to sprinkle on all the ice.  Holy cow those bags were HEAVY.

It sucks that there is going to be so much snow tomorrow since it is Kimm’s birthday, but we will do our best, snuggle in, watch movies, eat good food…and there is always lots of ice cream cake that we bought!!

Are you expecting a lot of snow??

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Project: January

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I knew I wanted to get SOMETHING done this month in terms of organizing, and today I just did it.

CLOTHES.  That was this month’s “project.”

I went through ALL my clothes and got rid of anything I haven’t been wearing, or I don’t like how it looks on me, or I don’t feel wonderful in it, or doesn’t fit.  One LARGE bag of stuff gone.  Plus a bag of intimates that have seen better days!

Whew, that felt good.  Accomplished quite a bit in less than two hours.

I’m so proud of Kimm…she did the exact same thing and also got rid of a large bag of clothes.  Now all of her clothes fit in one closet, which is what she wanted.

Now we can actually buy new clothes that we love, and have room for them 🙂

Homemade pizza in the oven–getting ready to eat and watch an episode of ER before going into work.  Only one night!!!

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Lunch Out

Saturday, January 29, 2011

This has been the week of seeing people!

Today we went over to Fran and Franni’s for lunch.  It’s been over a year since we’ve seen them last!  Aghh.  Where does the time go??

Franni had lost so much weight.  They had both gone to a hypnotherapist and were eating only protein, full fat dairy, and vegetables.  We had salad with mushrooms and cucumbers and pepperjack cheese, sautéed veggies (corn, peppers, and onions), cooked butternut squash, and for them chicken on the grill and for us a veggie lasagna.  It was good!

And then we just spent time catching up and they even did a reiki session on Kimm’s hands and my upper back.  It was SO relaxing.

And now tonight just finally relaxing in our own house…that’s what I love the best 🙂

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Izzy Made a Friend

**postdated for Friday, January 28, 2011

Didn’t write yesterday because we were OUT!

We had plans to get together with Kimm’s cousin and his wife…and their dog baby, a lab/Burmese mix named Remy.

They said, “Bring Izzy along…Remy and her will be good friends!”

Well, we were a little nervous, but she came, and even though she was NOT happy at first (I think just nervous with another dog being so close to her and barking loudly), she eventually settled down and they even played 🙂

There were a few kinks…when we first got in the house and Remy was excited to see Izzy but Izzy was like “What is going on??” I said to Kimm…”you better take her outside…it looks like she has to take a poop!”–and sure enough…she took a poop!  Nerves??  Then later on in the night she peed all over their floor…thank goodness it was hardwood.  She had been drinking so much water because they were running around playing so much…and we never even thought to take her out since she is so regimented at home with when she goes out.  Oh well, live and learn.

I think the night may have been a little stressful for Izzy at first, but I’m glad that she had a little doggie socialization 🙂  Hopefully things will go even better next time!

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6 inches

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well, we got 6 inches.  And not the light and fluffy stuff.  It was wet and heavy.

And have I mentioned that 75% of our snowbanks are chest high and the remainder are taller than our head!!

Ughh.  Makes for some not-so-pleasant shoveling.

Kimm got up at 7 am and shoveled for an hour before I got home.  Then we did an hour more.

I seriously hope that we do not get much more snow this winter because I don’t know where we will put it.  And I’m being serious!

My night at work was okay.  Started out okay but then I got super annoyed by a very needy patient.  I was trying VERY HARD to remain calm and patient, but was having a hard time.

Only one more night on.  Can’t wait for my days off.

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In and Out

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We did our last “must do” task of the month–Kimm’s car inspection.

We went to a new place, one that her mom recommended because they were quick.

Well, I’d say they were!  In and out in about 10 minutes.   NICE.

The rest of the day was filled with not so exciting stuff–computer time in the morning like usual, more filing (yes I am actually FILING, not just going through my box of stuff and making more piles…this time I am determined that nothing gets put in a pile…either trash, file immediately, or store where needed), ate lunch, made an hourly daily weekly calendar (confused??  It’s a week-long calendar [Sunday through Saturday] with the days broken down by hours [7 am to 6 am]–I’m going to try keeping track of how I spend my days for a week or so to see how I can manage my time better–this is all based on a book I kind of sped read–168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think)–whew, that was quite the run-on sentence 🙂

So now I have about an hour to relax before work.

I have to be as rested as I can considering we are due for anywhere from 4-8 inches and I have to work the next two days.  Ya-hoo!!


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So Glad Today is OVER!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The title of tonight’s blog says it all.

Most of today was not much fun at all.  But thankfully it ended better than it started.

First off…two inches of snow this morning.  And of course I had forgotten to take my shovel out of my car before I dropped it off at the mechanic.  So I ended up shoveling (Kimm’s hands are really bothering her with the carpal tunnel).  One hour of sweat.  It actually wasn’t too bad, just not what I wanted to do first thing in the morning.

After coffee and my English muffin, then we were waiting until the repairman came to check out the washer (scalding hot water is coming out on the Cold Cycle and cold water during the Hot Cycle, but not all the time).  Well he came by 1:15 (the window was from 12 to 5–since when have customer service windows gone to FIVE hours…they used to be TWO!).  Well, after looking at it for about five minutes (seriously), he said he had to order some parts, he wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong but had a hunch and would have to come back next week.  Super annoying.

Then since I hadn’t heard about my car, I gave a call.  Turns out my mechanic could not figure out what was wrong with my car, even though he said he could feel the car having a hard time going into second gear this time.  He said no codes showed up on the car (from the car’s computer, telling what is wrong).  So he suggested taking it to the Hyundai dealership to have them take a look.  So I called and got an appointment and guess what–hello $99 diagnostic fee!!  So Kimm was going to renew her driver’s license which is near the Hyundai dealer in Springfield.

Of course after I picked up my car it never had that problem that I had been experiencing…the WHOLE drive.  So frustrating.  But I told the person at Hyundai and they basically said that they could look at it, but they would charge the $99 and if nothing was happening at that time and I needed to bring it back, it would cost another $99 at that time.  So I just said I would drive it and monitor it again.

What a waste of time!  So then we were off to the DMV–but of course we are driving through downtown Springfield, which I DETEST.  Don’t know where I’m going and a lot of traffic and badly plowed roads.  But we got there, Kimm got her license and then we had to drive home.

We ordered pizza out since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and by the time I got home I was just SO GLAD to get home.

I really DISLIKE having to do all these stupid errands.  You should be able to renew your license online all the time, not just every five years.  I mean we do live in a computer age!!

Okay, enough venting.

The pizza was great, I got to watch a movie tonight (Slumdog Millionaire) tonight while Kimm watched her hockey game, and I also did some filing (another task I don’t like but am determined to get done).

Now it’s time for some ER and a snack and then bed.

Tomorrow has to be better.

But we have to get Kimm’s car inspected and we’re due for another big snowstorm.


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Clean, Eat and Visit

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today seems like it went by in a whirlwind!

As soon as we got up we let Izzy out–no walk today as the temp was below zero.

Then after breakfast we did a deep clean of the house…we were having an old friend from relay over for dinner.  In between the cleaning we went to the store to pick up the rest of the ingredients for stir fry.  And grabbed a blueberry pie for dessert, which was so good.

We had SUCH a good visit with our friend…it’s been at LEAST five years since I’ve seen her.  She even brought wine which was one of the best I’ve had (and I’m not usually a fan of white wine but this so sweet and smooth).

We had such a nice time catching up.  Now hopefully we don’t wait so long till we get together again.

Now we’re just staying warm (hot cocoa and blankets) and relaxing.


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The Hunger Games

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last night at work started off not so good (I had to go to the ER for four hours), and ended GREAT (I was back in the ICU with only 1 patient).

Since it was so slow for the remainder of the night I was able to read a good bit of a great book I’m reading now.  I guess it’s been on the reading list for high school kids.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It’s called The Hunger Games and the best part is that it is a three book series so I’ll have more to read soon!

It was so gripping!

I can’t wait to read the rest.

I felt pretty okay when I woke up today, but I strained my neck while sleeping…grrr.  Hate that.

Dropped my car off since going into second gear is still causing the car to jerk.  I hope it’s not anything too expensive.  We had takeout–cheese ravioli from Parthenon–and watched three episodes of ER!

A nice way to start my days off.

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No Post

**Postdated for Saturday, January 22, 2011

No post on Saturday morning because I was exhausted.

I don’t ever think this has happened, but as soon as I got home, I simply brushed my teeth and fell into bed.

No computer time at all.

And I think I was asleep within 2 minutes.

Unfortunately when I woke up 8 hours later, my eyes were burning and I was JUST as tired.

Not sure why.  But I sucked it up and headed to the hospital for another shift.

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