A Wedding to Remember

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today was the wedding of a friend of ours.  A wedding that she planned meticulously for over a year.

A wedding that turned into a winter wonderland.

Yes, we got our first snow of the year today and what a snow it was!

I had worked the night before, so I slept until 2pm and then got up and got ready.  We left the house at 3ish and the snow was already coming down like crazy–big, thick, wet flakes.

The driving was very difficult.  It was almost impossible to see the street signs.  We had to use an umbrella to walk from the car to the chapel.

Even though we were running behind, we made it in time and the ceremony was beautiful 🙂

Then it was back out into the snow which still had not let up.

We made it to the reception, slowly, with a windshield that kept fogging up.  We were inside, relaxing with drinks and apps, mingling and chatting with our friends, when the unthinkable happened…the power went out.

And the place did not have a generator.

We were informed that we would all have to leave shortly.

I felt SO bad for the bride.  Her night of nights was definitely NOT turning out how she planned.

But then her father gave a moving speech.  Her cousin, one of the bridesmaids sang acapello so that there would be a first dance.  Everyone worked together to move the gifts, cake, decorations to the motel.

Most everyone then went to a local bar to continue celebrating.  We made the decision to leave early because we were worried about the roads.  Good thing we did…it took us almost 2 hours to get home!

And then when we got home we saw that we had lost power.  That our beautiful magnolia tree had cracked in half.  That trees were continuing to crack and fall from the weight of the heavy snow.

And that was only the beginning of the awful week of no power.

But as for our friend, she and her groom and her loved ones continued to party!  A week later when I saw the pictures, I was glad to see that she was smiling, because there was definitely a period when she was holding back the tears.  The photographer got some awesome pictures in the snow.  It was definitely a wedding that she’ll NEVER forget!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Here are the before pics of the bathroom…

A straight-on view from the hallway (the bathroom is the first room at the top of the stairs…basically you walk up the stairs and this is the view you see…light blue walls, white bead-board, and BLUE toilet!)

A little wider angle…now you can see the wall on the left with our towel bar, our sink is just before that..and you can see the BLUE tub!

More blue tub…

Shot of the corner of the tub…very GROSS…this is where it was leaking on the floor…you can see all the black mold on the side of the tub and going down to the floor…also can see the floor…white with blue specks and very old

Wider shot of floor, toilet and tub…

The toilet corner!–you can also see the window that is on the opposite side of the tub

The vanity area…pretty tight…blue walls…you won’t be there for long!

And a sneak peek at the demo and new stuff

Toilet out!

WHITE tub in!

Walls of the new shower…nice built in area to hold shampoo and stuff (on both sides of the shower wall)…also a good view of our new shower on/off spout!

Tub again, and our tub drain/faucet…so WHITE 🙂

Vanity out since they had to get to the wall behind the tub to replace the valve…

I’m SO excited to see the final result!!

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The Start

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, yesterday was the start of our bathroom renovation.  A VERY early start.  6 am to be exact.

Which was NOT very fun for Kimm who had to get up super early to let them in (I of course was working the night before).

Thankfully the guys who came to do the work were pretty nice.  We basically parked ourselves (and our laptops!) in the living room for the day.  I may or may not have spent some of the day napping on the couch 🙂

It was a busy and productive day–the tub and shower and toilet all came out.  It was so strange seeing everything out of the bathroom.  And by the end of the day, the new (WHITE!!) tub and shower were in.  It was even MORE strange to see a white tub/shower instead of the blue!

Even though it was a long day (6 am to 6 pm) it makes us very excited to see the end result.

Today they were back, but not so early, thank goodness.  Working on the walls (sheet rock/dry wall compound…?? really not sure exactly what they were doing…what can I say…I’m not a home repair type of person!–all I know is that they are doing what needs to be done to get the project done…which is enough for me to know.)

More scheduled for tomorrow…makes for early mornings for us.

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Surprised with flowers!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today I received flowers unexpectedly!

They were from my dad…as a “thank you” for all of my concern and help regarding his cellulitis hospitalization.

They were beautiful.

Thank you Dad 🙂

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Good thoughts.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Work was okay.  I made it through.

Today I am thinking good thoughts for my dad who is having surgery.  I don’t want to go into too much detail on the blog since it’s about HIS personal health…not mine…but I just want him to know that I’m thinking of him today and hoping all goes well.

It’s off to bed for me.

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It’s going to happen.

Monday, October 24th, 2011

This bathroom WILL get done.

Kimm spoke to the plumber today and we have a start date of Wednesday–at 6:15 AM!!!  I have to work Tuesday into Wednesday, so by the time I get home it will have begun.  Kind of crazy.  We’re kind of in the dark on the timeline but we do know that they plan to get the tub/shower in that first day so we can take a shower.  Which sounds good to me.

I’m just crossing my fingers that all goes well and we don’t run into any major problems.

Today our electrician came out and gave us a quote for putting up a new kitchen ceiling fan (that we purchase), installing a new bathroom fan that he purchases for us, and taking down/putting up a new outside light over our side door–$300.  Not too bad I thought.

The rest of the day was consumed by shopping for me–Stop and Shop and Price Rite to get stocked up for the week.

Then it will be off to work.  Two on, two off, one on and then the wedding this weekend.  And then the month is pretty much over.  Aghh….where did it go?

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Apple Picking

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today Kimm and I FINALLY did something we’ve talked about doing for many years but never did…apple picking!

We found a farm in Connecticut that does self pick and we just got out there and did it.  We both had a lot of fun and came home with 14 lbs of apples, a large bag of kettle corn, 6 apple cider donuts, and lots of smiles 🙂

The outing in pics…

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 5

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have to admit, ever since my parents have visited…I’ve been hooked on Dancing with the Stars!

I got up today and immediately watched this weeks episodes online.  Maybe it is my dancing background, but I just love to see the different stars dance.  I think that they really do a good job considering that they get less than a week to learn each new dance.  It makes me want to dance again.  I think I may have to research dance studios in the area.

My favorites on the show: Chaz Bono, J.R. Martinez, David Arquette, and Ricki Lake!

Other than spending close to 2 hours watching that, I really tried to be productive today!  I was able to balance the checkbook, pay bills, take Izzy on a walk (first time in a long time and boy was she excited!) and organize our first year of mortgage payments (yes, a long time overdue, but I’m finally getting to it–and let me just say, it is taking a LONG time….so frustrating…I was able to get the one year done but there are two more years remaining!–and it’s pretty sad that in that first year we paid only about $2700 to the principal and about $10,000 to interest!!!)

Now…on the bathroom front…

Can I just say…We’re kind of frustrated.

We were supposed to have the quote by yesterday, but it never was emailed.  Kimm called last night and talked to the plumber–he said for sure that it would be emailed out by the next day (today).

Well, by 1 pm today–still no quote.  So I called and the wife who runs the office said, “yes, definitely it would be emailed by today.”

So we wait…and by 7 pm…NO QUOTE!  Seriously, I can see now why people say that home repairs are so frustrating!!!

So Kimm called again, verified the email address and the plumber said he would have his wife email it out tomorrow (I guess he is computer illiterate and doesn’t know how to do that and PERHAPS she got the email address incorrect…but STILL!!!!  Does NO ONE want our business????)

So now we wait til tomorrow and cross our fingers.

Kimm is watching hockey and soon we will end the night with some more TV.

I wish it sounded like I got more done…but I guess that’s how it goes.  Time slips through our fingers very quickly.

I’m excited because tomorrow we go apple picking!!!

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A better night.

Friday, October 21, 2011


That is  my giant sigh of relief that my second night was MUCH better than the night before.

In fact, now that it is over….I can admit it was quite slow.

I was in my unit for four hours…then scheduled to go to the ER.

The ER was not that busy…only 7 patients!  I hardly did a thing.  Which was FINE with me.  I was able to chat a bit with some of the people I hadn’t seen in a while and I was actually able to take breaks.

Believe me, I wouldn’t want work to be that slow every night, but after a crazy, hectic night…I was glad.

And I got out at 7 am ON THE DOT!

Slept for over 8 hours and ordered out pizza for dinner.  A night of watching TV ensued and I was HAPPY 🙂

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One of THE WORST nights…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let’s just say I didn’t get home until about 10 am.   And I DID NOT volunteer for overtime.  That was just finishing up my work from  my normal shift.

I don’t really want to talk about it too much.  I tried to review the night and figure out HOW I could have possibly have made it out earlier, but I can’t come up with anything.  When you have two nurses, 2 ICU patients, 5 IMC patients, no aide, changing assignments, an admission, a death, multiple family members, and lots of poop…I will tell you that you also will not be able to chart properly “as you go” and you will have to do it all after your shift when your eyes feel like sandpaper and if one more person says to you “aren’t you here late?”–you WILL cry.  In fact you will cry on the way home.  And then you will vent.  And then you will go to sleep for a nap, because at that point, it is no longer going to be enough to properly prepare you for another 12 hour night.

You will dread the upcoming shift.

You will bring No-Doze.

You will say to yourself, “It’s only 12 hours…I can do anything for 12 hours.”

And then you will hope that your second night will not be as horrible as the night you just had.


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