Garden Fresh Tomato Sandwich

Friday, August 21, 2009

I LOVE fresh tomatoes from the garden!  And finally we are getting some.

Take a look…




The cherry tomatoes have THE BEST taste when they pop in your mouth.  Love, love, love them in a fresh salad.

And the large ones are super in a simple tomato sandwich.  If you have never had a tomato sandwich, then you are truly missing out.

Garden Fresh Tomato Sandwich

Serves two


One large tomato, freshly picked from the garden (or the Farmer’s Market)

4 slices bread (whatever kind you like…I just use plain white)

Butter (the REAL stuff)



To make:

Toast the bread.  While it is toasting, cut the tomato into thick, juicy slices.

When the bread is toasted, spread with butter.  Place the sliced tomatoes on the toast.  Salt and pepper to taste.


You’ll probably want another one pretty darn soon!





The essence of simplicity.

I NEVER make these unless I have garden tomatoes.  Otherwise there will be NO taste to the tomatoes.  Trust me on this one.

I’m not sure how many more tomatoes we will get.  Unfortunately, our tomatoes got blight.  I really didn’t know anything about this until I read about it on another blog.  Basically it’s a fungus that ruins the tomatoes by causing death to the leaves, stems, and floral organs.  According to this New York Times article, tomato blight is happening all across the country and therefore they are saying that the price of tomatoes will probably skyrocket.  I’ll just keep enjoying the tomatoes I can get.  But many of them are ruined 😦   I can’t show you a picture of our garden because I forget my camera every time I go out there and besides, the mosquitoes are SO bad, I would get bit several times just getting  a decent picture.  But if you are interested, it looks like this:


It causes the leaves to get brown and die, and also causes the brown spots on the fruit.  In fact, this is how our grape tomato plant looks about now.  We only got one tomato from it!

Well, we hit a new high in the house today.  Ninety degrees.  Unbelievable.


Our friend…from Kimm’s mom…


It basically blows around warm air.

The cats are just lying around.


Kimm had put down a towel wrapped in an ice pack but Charlie just ignored it.  He’s funny that way.


Butt view 🙂


Maddie’s been hiding out on the front porch.  The floor is a bit cooler out there…


Close up.

Kimm and I are basically just hanging out in the living room in our boxers and tank tops.  Waiting for the temp to go down.  We hope it’s soon.  We have said to each other several times today that we will remember this week of hell when we are complaining of the cold this winter 🙂

I have to go to work tonight and I’ll be looking forward to the AC.   Three days off after tonight!

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