A Fuzzy Navel at 8 am

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last night was one of our “long time” CNAs last night at the hospital 😦  She’s worked there for over 12 years!  The good news is she got a new job that she is wicked excited about, mostly because it is days instead of nights.

To celebrate, after work we went the Holyoke Legion and had a little ‘goodbye party.’

Let me tell you, it was strange to be having a drink so early in the morning!  But it was nice. It was a tough night[non-stop busy from the moment I got there until 1:30 am!!, people having to go to the bathroom non-stop, incontinent people, pain issues, an admission right in the middle of med pass, overly talkative patients, straight cathing, annoying doctors].  Knowing that I was going out with friends gave me something to look forward to.

My drink of choice was of course the Fuzzy Navel.  Cheap–only $2.50.  I had three.  Tasted pretty darn good.  They even cooked up BBQ chicken with sides of baked beans and pasta salad–I had the pasta salad and it was amazing!  It was a good time with those who can commiserate with the hospital environment.  At the end, one of the lab techs played a few songs on the bagpipe.  I didn’t even know he played.  It was awesome–I absolutely love the sound of bagpipes…just a feeling of nostalgia floods over me for some reason.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  I came home and found Kimm and Izzy on their walk and joined them.  It was so nice to see that Izzy recognized me right away and her ears perked up and she fell on her side and wanted her belly rubbed 🙂  Then I even had a cup of coffee.  It was like I was having a second wind.

But, it was short lived.  Within a half hour my eyes were closing at the computer.  So a nap it was.  Until the next walk at 4 pm. It was hard to walk today because it was SO humid.  Sticky icky.

Black bean quesadillas for dinner. Then a quick stop at the library.  Izzy came along for the ride.  She loves riding in the car.

After that we watched a few episodes of Gossip GirlWe are SERIOUSLY obsessed with that series.  I’m so glad I read about it on a few blogs and decided to check it out.  Definitely an item for the Christmas list.

And now some relaxation before bed.

Another night off and then starts the weekend from hell (need I remind you that I have three on, one off, and then two on…).  But the reward will be the five days off after I make it through.

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