Laboring on Labor Day*

Monday, September 7, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, I have to work tonight.  In less than four hours to be exact.  So that is one form of laboring on Labor Day.

Kimm and I also moved down one of the (EXTREMELY HEAVY) bookcases from upstairs to utilize in the dining room as a diningware storage piece.  Even though right now it holds only the new diningware that we bought yesterday, our hope is that one day it will hold multiple sets that we are fond of.  It took a lot of LABOR to move that thing down a flight of stairs and then to several different places in the dining room until we were satisfied with how it looked.  And then there was the labor involved with decorating the empty shelves, since we tend to disagree on most decorating.  But eventually we got it done and both of us are happy.

Here are pictures…




*I had asked Kimm what to title this post and she said “Spicing Up the Dining Room”  so that is the alternate title of this post 🙂

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