Christmas tree bought…check!

Friday, November 30, 2012

The last day of November…

…I worked an extra two hours this morning, covering for a co-worker…normally I do not do this but I was asked “on the spot” by my supervisor when I was getting my Thanksgiving paycheck straightened out (they only paid me for 4 hours of 50% time on Thanksgiving, instead of 12!!!)

…I’m starting to get a cold…ugh..HOPEFULLY this will pass quickly

…we bought our Christmas tree!!! (we went to the same place we go every year…our real estate agent also sells Christmas trees and we buy from him every year…he has such beautiful trees!  We have always gotten a Frasier fir but this year we just looked at trees and picked out our favorite…turns out it was a balsam!  And only $35!  Quite a steal…can’t wait to decorate it tomorrow!)

…watched another Christmas movie…Surviving Christmas…we’re on a roll this year 🙂

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Almost the end!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WOW has this month flown by!!

Where has the time gone??  Definitely NOT to writing blogs as I’ve had quite the hiatus 🙂  Last post 11/15/12!

Well, I’m still here…I was just very busy…yard work, work, home stuff, preparing for Thanksgiving…all this took up a lot of time.  Something had to give, and unfortunately it was writing blogs…

I still want to try to catch up–but not today as I’m going to work soon!

But I just wanted the few people who read my blog to know that I am OKAY 🙂

I will leave with just a thought…

This month has really made me recognize the blessings I have and I’m heading into the month of December determined to really appreciate each and every day.

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Another DWTS done :(

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today I watched the last episodes of Dancing with the Stars!

I was SO EXCITED to see my favorite, Melissa Rycroft, WIN!!!!

I really enjoy watching that show and am so sad to see another season end…by the end I feel like these people are part of my family.  I can hardly wait for next season!

Besides watching TV we actually did do something today…our trip to BJs.  Thankfully we’ve been able to cut these trips down to once every three or four months.  It was a quick $150 gone.  Who knew cat litter, toilet paper, and butter could add up so fast?  (of course we got more than that…but STILL!  All I have to say is that these bargain warehouses can really put a dent in a budget if you are not careful.)

We’re about to watch one of my favorite Christmas movies…The Holiday!  Have a great night everyone!


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40 Day Number Challenge Results…and my thoughts…

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I’ll tell you right off the bat…I DID NOT complete every item on the numbers challenge.

BUT…I still thought it was an excellent experience.

First the results:

200 cups of water (5/day)–MET 🙂

File 300 minutes (15 mins/day)–NOT MET–did not do ANY minutes 😦

Walk Izzy 20 times–NOT MET (did walk her 19 times!!!)

40 Med Cards–NOT MET (34 done)

4 Date Nights–MET 🙂 (and they were all fun!!)

10 Days of No Added Sugar–MET (super surprised on that…SUPER HARD for me) 🙂

200 Fruits and Veggies (5/day)–NOT MET (180 ate!!!  NOT TOO BAD!)

4 Projects Done (1–return stuff to Savers/return all cans–MET!, 2–buy/decorate with fall decorations–MET, 3–organize garage so that car will fit in to park during winter–MET, 4–hang towel rack–NOT MET)



*I really WORKED this challenge…I had my little checklist with me every day and checking off the boxes was very tangible for me and made me feel so proud

*drinking even 5 cups/water/day is HARD–I don’t think I would have made it if I didn’t drink anywhere from 6-12 cups of water each night on nights I worked…I just don’t drink a lot of water during the day

*eating enough fruits and veggies is WICKED HARD for me!  I never have anything for breakfast (just coffee and English muffin), rarely for lunch, and maybe one for dinner…certainly not great….this challenge really forced me to try to find ways to cram more fruits and veggies in (salads for lunch, a glass of apple or orange juice for a snack, more veggies instead of carbs at dinner)

*I guess I don’t like to file.  I like the IDEA of filing, of staying organized, but I did not file ONE MINUTE in forty days.  Yikes.  And I have two boxes of stuff to file.  But then I think, do I really NEED all this stuff…I NEVER look at the stuff in my file cabinet??  I must determine a better way of keeping the information I really do need

*Even though I did 34 med cards, I never really had time to review them so I’m not sure if the time I spent on them was worth it.

*I LOVE date nights…I love that I was able to fit in time for me and Kimm to have fun together

*I found that I really need to force myself to go on a walk with Izzy…once I’m out there doing it, I’m fine.  It’s the getting ready part that’s tough.  I actually did most of the 19 walks in the second part of the challenge because I kept procrastinating!

*Having NO ADDED SUGAR sucks!!  I really like my flavored creamer in my coffee and found that was the one thing I missed the most on NO SUGAR ADDED days.  When I was younger I found that I could do ANY crazy type of diet…eat only this, not that, etc.  Now I pretty much know that I don’t want to deny myself small pleasures in life so if I want to lose weight I’ll have to do it by eating in moderation and exercising more

*I’m so glad I included some projects to get done because without this challenge I’m sure they still would have needed to get done

*Even though I did not finish every one of my goals, I’m so proud of myself for keeping on all the way to the end, even when I KNEW I would not meet my goals.  At that point it wasn’t even about treating myself, it was more about continuing with good habits.

*I know now that I’m very visual and need to see my goals…and I love to check things off…so I’m going to continue to challenge myself with my OWN goals through the month of December to make it my best month yet…I’m going out of 2012 and into 2013 with a bang!!!!


About to watch one of my most favorite Christmas movies…Little Women!  The story line, actors and cinematography are excellent!!


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Lucky #124

Monday, November 26, 2012

Today I had jury duty.

I had to get up VERY early (6:30) so I could have coffee and breakfast before having to get there by 8 am.  Have I mentioned how much I DISLIKE getting up early??

After getting to the court, there was LOTS of waiting.  And reading.  And list-making.  And more waiting.  And people watching.  And TV watching.  And more reading.  And dozing I believe.  And more waiting.   The time went by SO SLOW!

They did call jurors #1-#36 at around 11:30 am.  We broke for lunch at 12:30 pm and had to be back by 2 pm because they were going to be using more jurors in the afternoon.  At 2:30 pm they called jurors #37-#119.

Wow…that’s a lot of jurors!

But guess what number I was?? #124.  They sent the rest of us (about 15 people) home!!  I guess I was lucky after all.

I’m glad I wasn’t chosen just because I was tired, but SO WISHED that I could have left before lunch.   I had a pathetic veggie sub from Subway and WAY overpaid…seriously when did Subway get so awful…almost $6 for a veggie sub that they are SO stingy with the vegetables and a bag of chips!!

Thankfully I was home by 3:30.

Now I just need to stay awake for my night shift tonight…I have a feeling I’m going to need a couple No-Doze 🙂

(edited after work–so I found out at work that I could have told them I had jury duty and not have gone in…I thought since I worked 3rd shift it wouldn’t get covered…I’ll have to remember this for 3 years from now when I get called for jury duty again!  IT WAS SUCH A LONG NIGHT because I was so tired…I was in a major fog…)

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It’s the little things…

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today was a GOOD day!

I slept all day…

I watched Dancing with the Stars…

I got to take a shower and enjoy the NEW shower curtain we bought…


I watched my first Christmas movie…The Family Man


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We are thankful for…

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Every year, Kimm and I use the days leading up to Thanksgiving to focus on what we are truly thankful for in our lives…

We wrote on cut-out leaves this year and shared with each other on Thanksgiving Day before going over to her parents.

Here’s what we got…



1 — Good friends

2 — Couch time with Kaye and Izzy

3 — An extra hour of sleep

4 –Being able to do at least a little bit of yard work

5 — The Brian Buffini class — it’s helping me get organized, get motivated, and getting things done — it’s showing me what it takes to be a successful agent

6 — Bryan McPherson

7 — I’m very thankful that the herniated disc in my neck was found, and the surgery was performed so quickly — it saved me from becoming paralyzed

8 — Good friends

9 — Music

10 — Sleeping in

11 — Good books

12 — Our beautiful house

13 — Date nights

14 — Kaye’s hugs

15 — Sunny days

16 — Long, hot showers

17 — Beautiful fall days

18 — A super comfy bed

19 — My wonderful family — Kaye, Izzy, Charlie and Madeline — I love you all so much!!

20 — My parents and Little Bro

21 — Walks with Izzy

22 — Spending Thanksgiving with family



1 — The look of pure joy on Izzy’s face when I say, “Do you want to go on a walk?”

2 — Dessert!

3 –Good food (and plenty of food) every single day

4 — Snuggling on the couch between my two favorite girls 🙂

5 — A home that I love

6 — The opportunity to listen to fantastic LIVE music by an artist who performs with conviction and passion — Bryan McPherson, 11/6/12

7 — A very comfy bed!

8 — Coffee (and a Keruig to make it!)

9 — The world of blogging — not only am I able to document my life — but I am continuously inspired by the blogs I read!

10 — Good books!

11 — Always enough money to pay the bills — AND have extra for special treats (ex: ice cream!)

12 — A strong, healthy body that allows me to do whatever I want

13 — Changing seasons

14 — All my fur babies — I love Izzy, Madeline and Charlie so much!

15 — Days off!!!

16 — A family that loves me very much

17 — Natural beauty

18 — Someone to share my life with that I love dearly

19 — Good friends!

20 — All of my senses — eyes to see beauty, ears to listen to music and the ones I love say “I love you, ” smell for every wonderful scent, taste for good food, touch to feel a good hug!

21 — Holidays!

22 — The Christmas season — the tree, the food, the Christmas movies, eggnog, Christmas candy, gifts!!!!

I’d say we’re both VERY lucky!!!!

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It begins.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The + …  I can finally start listening to Christmas music!!!!   This makes me VERY happy 🙂

The – …  the diet starts today.  Sitting on the couch yesterday after our Thanksgiving meal reminded me that I NEED to lose this extra weight.  It’s not going to lose itself without some work, so I might as well start now.   First weigh in this morning, not pretty.  But we have a starting point.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Another wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

After a fairly painless night of work and some sleep, we were off to Kimm’s parents.

Walking into the house, it smelled SOOO good!  Even though I no longer eat meat, the smell of a turkey in the oven, combined with all the other food on Thanksgiving is a scent memory I love!

I’m SO stuffed right now…and for good reason…we had so much GOOD FOOD!!

For dinner: mashed potatoes with butter, corn, brown sugar carrots, cheesy broccoli, stuffing (!!!), cranberries, crescent rolls.

For dessert: small slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, small slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream, and I’m sure a bunch of peanut butter M&Ms!!!

I took a GLORIOUS nap on the couch after eating.

Today I am thankful for so many things…family and friends, a warm home, always enough food to eat, furry babies, hugs, all the little things that aren’t necessary, but make my life so much more fun by being in it!

It’s been a GREAT Thanksgiving and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy year!


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Last mow of the season

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First of all…HOW can it be the day before Thanksgiving already???

Argh…it’s been a busy one…even though when I write it out it doesn’t seem like it!

Mowed the lawn for the LAST TIME this season!!!  Thank goodness that is done for now.

Made cranberries for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Now a very quick rest before going into work…can’t wait to eat a good meal tomorrow!!!!

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