Closets, and Hangers, and Drawers, Oh My!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I spent my Saturday evening organizing all of my clothes (which makes me feel QUITE old).

What a task!

Somehow things get so disorganized just with everyday living.  I took EVERYTHING out of the drawers, out of the closet, and off the hangers.  I tried on my jeans which have been abandoned this summer and yikes, turns out that some of them that were a perfect fit last winter are now a pinch too small.  Grrr…

So I guess it’s a good idea that I’ve been trying to lose some weight.  Who knew that if you wear sweatpants and scrubs all the time, you can’t tell if you’ve gained weight 🙂

Once I lose the excess weight, I’ll have to make it a habit to try on a pair of jeans every week just to make sure they are still fitting fine.  That way I can catch gaining weight at the 5 pound mark instead of the 30 pound mark!

I feel much happier now that all of my clothes have found a new, organized home.  Now the challenge will be to keep everything neat.

I’m also happy to say that I managed to stay awake this morning til 9 am to go get my haircut after working all night long.  But boy was I tired once I got home.  I took a quick shower and then as soon as I hopped into bed, my eyes closed.  I slept until 5:15 pm!

Tonight we are planning on watching a Netflix movie.  I’m excited.  I love relaxing weekends 🙂

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