Newest Member of the Family!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Meet Riley!

Kimm and I are now the PROUD owners of our new baby–a precious, 3-year-old, orange lab.

We have been thinking of getting a dog for a long time and just held off until we felt the timing was right.  We had gone out yesterday to an animal shelter (just to look) and fell in love with a different dog, but she was going to be tested with the other dog the future owner owned.  It didn’t pan out so we got a phone call from the center asking if we were still interested.  We were.  So we rushed down to meet our potential new puppy.  Unfortunately, even though we loved the dog, the dog did not pass the cat test–basically was more aggressive toward cats than indifferent.  So sadly, we had to give her up.

But!  Then Kimm spotted our little Riley (originally named Bonnie, of Bonnie and Clyde–she was brought in with a similar looking male orange lab, ?? lived together ??) and asked to see her.  She was a little shy and hesitant at first, but then wanted her tummy rubbed 🙂

And thankfully, she passed the cat test with flying colors!

So ours she became!

She did so good on the ride home…she loved the breeze blowing in the car.  She had her first walk and pretty much walked us 🙂  We shall need to practice on that one.

As far as Madeline and Charlie–they were pretty scared.  There has not been true face to face contact at this point.  Right now they are in the basement and Riley is upstairs.  We’re hoping that over time they will become good friends, or at least civil to each other!

But as for now, with all the excitement of the day…


…she’s wiped out!  As are we!

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