Strawberry-Orange-Kale-Cucumber Juice

Tuesday, August 21st, 2013

Another new juice!

A good one too 🙂

Strawberry-Orange-Kale-Cucumber Juice

Ingredients (for two cups):

8 strawberries

2 oranges, peel off

1 large kale leaf

1 and 1/2 cucumbers

To make:

On LOW (for softer fruits/veggies), juice strawberries, oranges and kale.

Turn juicer to HIGH and juice cucumbers (will push through any remaining juice from the softer fruits and veggies).



(I took this picture before adding another 1/2 cucumber…this was only to increase the volume of the juice slightly…for two cups it is good for the juice to reach the 500 cc mark on the pitcher!)


LOVE all the pretty colors!


A GREEN juice…the kale really changes the color!  This was our first juice with kale and I wanted to start slow, not sure how the flavor would be (?bitter).  Turns out I couldn’t really taste much of the kale at all, probably because of the oranges…which is good.  Next time I make this combination I will be adding two kale stalks!  Bring on the veggies 🙂

Today was busy, as usual, and even more frantic as it turned out that I COMPLETELY forgot my morning dentist appointment.  I only remembered when they called me!  Thankfully I was able to reschedule for later that morning, but of course I had planned to go grocery shopping so now that got pushed back.

But, it all worked out!

Dentist was successful…no cavities but I am going back in the beginning of September to have a filling placed on my upper left canine where the gum has receded a bit…yay!!  Finally no more sensitivity and food getting caught there…and no drilling…just bonding on top of the tooth 🙂

Remainder of day…

…grocery shopping

…changed sheets on bed

…made bread

…called my parents

…took Izzy on a walk!

…watched some LOST while Kimm enjoyed the Little League World Series

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