Week Eight “TBL”–The End

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The eight weeks of The Biggest Loser at work is over.  Well, it was over for a lot of people a few weeks ago, because they gave up.  But I kept plugging along and it was worth it.  More and more people have been noticing that I have lost weight, I can see and feel it in my clothes, and I just FEEL better.  So the final results…

Kaye:  Down 2.2 pounds (total = 23 pounds!!! in 8 weeks!!!)

Kimm:  Down 2 pounds (total = 14.8 pounds!!! in 8 weeks!!!)

WOW.   GO US.  And technically we could both possibly meet our original goals within the next week (I wanted to lose one more pound for 10% of my weight, or 2 pounds to make 25 pounds, and Kimm wanted to lose 15 pounds total).  We are treating ourselves by letting ourselves eat what we want next weekend.  We’ll be going to The Big E and then the day after getting pizza and having ice cream.  It’ll be strange having those items after going without for so long.

But then we are both going to get back on the wagon and watch what we eat for one month (4 weeks) at a time before allowing a “free” weekend.  My next goal is to be down about 20 more pounds by Christmas.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Two wonderful things happened today.

First, after being worried all last night and this morning about Frank, he found out this morning that the preliminary tests do not show any recurrence of the lymphoma.  What an absolute relief–for him and for all his loved ones.

The second wonderful thing was that my sweetie got offered (and accepted) a job!  Of course she just found out about 15 minutes ago!!  And that was horrible.  Because she went to the interview yesterday, the guy who interviewed her thought she was an excellent fit for the company and told her as much (with compliments like, “you are very articulate” and “you hold yourself well”!!!!!), and pretty much told her that he would call the next day to offer her a position (and the company hours on Friday are 9 am to 4 pm)–AND HE DOESN’T CALL UNTIL FREAKIN’ 4 PM!!!  What was he thinking?  How could he not know that we hardly got any sleep last night, thinking of the possibility that Kimm would possibly have a job after searching for one for close to a year?  How could he not know that we pretty much jumped every time the phone rang today?  But that is all in the past now because my sweetie has a job!!!!!  She and I are both EXTREMELY excited!

So, where is she working and what will she be doing you want to know?  Well, the company is called La Resistance, Inc. and it is a beer distributor located in Holyoke, MA (in fact it only takes her about 5 minutes to get to work).  Her official title is office clerk.  But–and here’s the best thing–she will be doing accounts payable and accounts receivable–things she has learned in school but has never had a chance to do “on the job” to get that ever elusive “experience” that everyone is looking for.  So she will finally be able to say that she has that kind of experience.  Another great thing is that it is a small company, there is a very loose dress code (jeans are fine), and they don’t mind the piercings–in fact, the guy who interviewed her couldn’t fathom why Costco had fired her for her eyebrow ring.  So, really, it is a PERFECT fit for her and I couldn’t be prouder.  I guess the long wait was worth it.  Hopefully now she’ll actually LIKE what she does (that’s tough to find in a job).  But, we’ll find out soon–she starts on Monday!  More updates as I know more…

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The Good and the Bad

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today was good and bad.

The good is that I went to get my new glasses adjusted AGAIN (2nd time) because they were still bothering me (in fact my eyes were so strained and sore, I had to switch back to my old glasses yesterday).  However, when I told the eyeglass woman (what do you call those people?) what was occurring, she checked the prescription in her handy-dandy microscope looking thing, did some rotating of my left lens, and wala!–they are now super!  Turns out that the curvature of the lens needed for my left eye was slightly off.  You would have thought that SOMEONE would have thought to check this before giving me my glasses.  So this makes me very happy, because I was originally thinking I just wasted a lot of money if they couldn’t correct them.  She even put non-slip silicone nose pads on so they wouldn’t slide down the bridge of my nose anymore (thank goodness, since my last pair did this constantly, and there wasn’t even any nose pads!).

The second thing that was good was that I received the TITLE to my car in the mail today!!!!!!  So yes, now, OFFICIALLY, I own my car.  What a feeling.  So now I can take that $275 a month that I was paying out and apply it to my last credit card (yes, I STILL have one left).

Now, the reason that this was a bad day, was that I read my friend Frank’s blog.  I know I’ve mentioned Frank before, but if you want to know more about this wonderful person, visit his blog here.  Anyways, he is the one that Kimm and I visited in California, the one who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, the one who has been pushing through tough rounds of chemo, the one that has adopted a new baby boy, the one that is fighting for his life.  Just a little while ago he had blogged that he was cancer free–I was ECSTATIC!  But now, after just reading his blog, there is the chance that the cancer may have gone into his bone marrow since his white blood count has gone down and his platelet count is not going up as fast as his oncologist thinks it should.  So, in order to find out, he had to have a bone marrow and bone biopsy (both incredibly painful experiences) done–the preliminary results are due back tomorrow.   In the meantime, this has been devastating to him, as far as his mood and mental state.  As a nurse, I STRONGLY believe that how a person thinks/feels impacts what is physically happening in the body.  Hearing how depressed and worried Frank is feeling is heart-wrenching.  Please, send positive thoughts to him. The worst part was reading that he wondered if anybody would even remember him if his worst fear came true and he died.  First of all, I don’t want to even let that thought enter my mind.  Because I don’t think he realizes how MUCH he would be missed and remembered.  But now we are focusing on the LIVING!  And Frank needs all the support he can to push through this.

Frank, I’m thinking of you all the time, as I know others are too.  We love you and know you can get through WHATEVER lies ahead.

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New Season of “The Biggest Loser”

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, yesterday, Kimm and I watched the first episode of the new season of The Biggest Loser.  Let me tell you, it was a lot different watching while eating low calorie food, rather than our ice cream!  But it felt good too, because we knew we had lost so much weight already.  Of course it was a little frustrating seeing some of these people lose more weight than I’ve lost in 8 weeks, in their FIRST week!  But then again, they are completely immersed in a regimen of low calorie food, and highly intense exercise.  It was interesting seeing how excited everyone was to be chosen to be on the show, and then how much they HATED the exercising part while they were in that moment.  I can TOTALLY relate.  Usually I don’t have any problem thinking about going to the gym, or imagining myself having a great workout, or the great feeling that I’ll have after the workout is done, but IN THAT MOMENT of exercising, it’s just not any fun.  People who talk about the endorphins and such, humph!  I do it because I must, and maybe someday I’ll grow to like it.  Anyways, Bob and Jillian were as inspiring as usual.  It’s a good show to watch to keep the both of us on track.

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Week Seven “TBL” Results

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This week was good for me (a surprise actually after having a good week last week as well), but not so good for Kimm.  The results…

Kaye: Down 2.8 pounds (total = 20.8 pounds)

Kimm: Down 0.2 pounds (total = 12.8 pounds)

It’s hard to feel happy about losing weight when you are doing this with someone else who has had a disappointing week.  I can only imagine the frustration when you do so good all week, watching your calories, exercising, feeling hungry, then step on the scale and don’t see it reflected there.  It was hard for me to know what to say.  But, at least, as I mentioned last week, we BOTH are noticing a difference in how our clothes are fitting, noticeably much more LOOSE!!

One more week of this for the hospital.  It seems like I am in the lead and many have conceded and given up.  So in one week I may be $125 richer.  Not sure what I will do with the money.

On a different note, my broken camera is back.  I sent it to Kodak and they repaired it for free.  So future postings will include visual images again!

School is going okay thus far.  Lots of reading and work.  I have to try to stay organized, which is difficult at times.  But I only think about things one week at a time, otherwise I think I would go crazy.

I went to a new doctor yesterday, a woman in Northampton.  I had a VERY good feeling about her.  The thing I really like is that she does all her own physical examinations.  So instead of having a different nurse practitioner every time I go, I will have better continuity of care.  I told her about how I was supposed to have a physical for school and she squeezed me in for the beginning of November, even though I heard the secretary telling people on the phone that she was booking into January.  That made me feel like she cared.

I promised many weeks ago that I would share some of the new recipes that Kimm and I had incorporated into our lower calorie diet, and have not done so yet.  So here is one recipe that we both love that is very easy…

Veggie Kabobs

*you can use whatever veggies you like, but this is what we use to make two kabobs for each of us–we usually pair it with a package of Near East couscous (Toasted Pine Nut is awesome!)

6 cherry tomatoes

8 mushrooms

1 small zucchini, cut in chunks

1 small ear of corn, cooked, cut in 4 pieces

1/4 of a green pepper, cut in chunks

1/4 of a red pepper, cut in chunks

1/4 of a Vidalia onion, cut in chunks

Once all the veggies are ready, thread them on the kabob skewers (that have been soaked in water).  Then place them on a tin foil covered baking sheet.  Cover with the following (which has been mixed together)…

2 tablespoons olive oil

dash balsamic vinegar

2 cloves garlic, minced

salt and pepper to taste

Then once they are covered with the oil mixture, place in an oven that is on High Broil.  Broil for about 3-5 minutes per side (you’ll know when they are getting done because the smell of roasted veggies will fill your kitchen).  Honestly, these kabobs taste like they’ve come off of the grill.  Wonderful!  Hope you try and enjoy as much as we do…

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Week Six “TBL” Results

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This was a good week for both of us!

Kaye: Down 3.3 pounds (total = 18 pounds!!!)

Kimm: Down 2.2 pounds (total = 12.6!!!)

It’s hard to believe that in two more weeks we’ll have been doing this for two months. It really has become like a habit. Hopefully we’ll both have reached our goals. Kimm wanted to lose 15 pounds which I think she may just do! I wanted to lose closer to 24 pounds (10% of my initial weight)–I don’t think this will happen unless a miracle happens and I happen to lose 3 pounds for the next two weeks. As good as I’ve been doing, I don’t realistically see that happening. But I should make the 20 pound mark and that’s AWESOME! We’ve both been feeling a difference in how our clothes fit us. Kimm’s shorts keep falling off, and my scrub bottoms are definitely much looser!

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Numbers Don’t Lie

Wednesday, September 4, 2008

Okay, so maybe sometimes you can’t totally trust numbers, but I needed a snappy title for my post!  Anyways, it has finally happened…I have surpassed 1,000 views on my blog…WOW!  So that either means that my few loyal readers (Mom, Kurt, Kimm…thanks!) are viewing a lot, or other random people are following my blog or being directed to my site based on a web search.  Regardless, 1,000 views!!  Not bad for starting this blog in March.

September is upon us.  I don’t know what that means for other people but for me it means the start of school.  My one year of enjoying no school is done.  I shall now be enmeshed in learning everything I need to know (at least that’s the premise) in order to be a nurse practitioner for the next 5-6 years!  That seems like such a long time away.  But I’m going to try to think of it in terms of each semester only.  How else will I be able to endure that long?

I had an EXTREMELY relaxing (yet busy) past five days off.   Yes, that’s right, five days off.  With me having Labor Day off this year my schedule worked to my advantage.  Of course now that means that the next week is not going to be much fun as I have to work tonight, have only one night off, then work the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun), have two days off, then back on for two days before having the next weekend off.  But I’ll get through it just as I always have.  It’ll be interesting working school work around a 12 hour shift.  The good thing is that by having all my classes online I can do stuff whenever is convenient for me.

So what did Kimm and I do during my time off?  Well, I thought you’d never ask!  Basically we did a lot of shopping!  And it was fun!  Normally I’m not too much into consumerism, but sometimes you just feel the need to buy something.  And it had been QUITE some time since I had bought anything for myself since I have been focusing so much on paying off my debt.  But I really needed some new clothes, so off we went!  And it was successful!  After buying new stuff (which I could show you if my camera hadn’t died…but good news, it has been shipped off to be repaired!) I then proceeded to reorganize my dresser and closet, getting rid of a nice amount of stuff that I wasn’t really wearing and that was basically just taking up space.  Now everything is nice and neat.  It makes you feel so peaceful just opening the drawers!  The other big purchase was new eyeglasses and sunglasses.  I haven’t purchased new eyeglasses for about three years so it was time.  And let me just tell you, it is tough trying on new glasses when you can’t see exactly what you look like…it’s all a blur.  But with Kimm’s help I finally found a pair.  And the price wasn’t bad since I found them at BJ’s (the bulk food shopping store we go to…yes, don’t laugh!).  I got both pairs for the price I would normally pay for just the eyeglasses.

In addition to shopping I’ve been doing more cooking.  It’s been lots of fun.  Yesterday I made homemade applesauce–what a smell!  And for dinner Ziti Casserole in the slow cooker.  So yummy.  Again, I would have pictures, but no camera.

Kimm started school again as well.  Get ready for this interesting class…Business Law (can you hear the sarcasm?)  It’ll be a race to see who falls asleep faster when reading our textbooks!

Now it’s off to making some posts for my class.  I’m thrilled, can’t you tell.

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