Izzy’s 1st Vet Visit

Friday, September 18, 2009

All went well.  We REALLY like our new vet.  I hope he doesn’t retire soon!

He was a little unsure as to whether Izzy really had a UTI and basically told us to continue the rest of the antibiotics and then see what happens after she stops.  At that point, if the peeing inside continues, then we’ll take it from there.  We had to get monthly medication for heartworm and for fleas/ticks.  The entire bill came to about $175–much better than the emergency vet!  Izzy was actually pretty good at the vet.   She didn’t get as freaked out as Monday.  But then again, our vet is very calm and great with animals.

After the vet we stopped at Dave’s (pet store) to look for a different collar for walking.  Izzy is basically taking us for a walk every time we take her out now.  She pulls and pulls on that leash.  We picked up a choke collar and a training harness.  We used the harness tonight and it worked extremely well.  It was like a miracle.  She actually didn’t pull.  Hopefully it will continue to work.  I really want to be like the Dog Whisperer, but seriously, it’s hard to have calm-assertive energy when your 75 pound dog is dragging you down the street 🙂

Had a wonderful dinner tonight of veggie burgers and a noodle dish.  Quick, simple and delicious.

Have spent the remainder of the night catching up on blogs and playing Yoville and Farmville. I’m a dork.

Tomorrow I really have to get in gear and organize a bit in the office.  It is such a MESS!!

But right now I may take a mini-nap before bed.  I just had a glass of wine and I was tired before having it, but now I am simply exhausted!

So glad to have three more days off!

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