Small Red Bean Chili

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Even though it is summertime, I still love me a good chili.  In fact, I can eat chili all year long.  Usually I don’t have a completely specific recipe for chili, but last night when I made this for dinner, I thought it came out super, so I’ll post this as the basic recipe.  But you can add extras if you want (green peppers, different types of beans, more spices, veggie ground “meat”).  We just had the leftovers for lunch today and all I could say was “yum!”

Small Red Bean Chili

Serves 4


about a tablespoon of olive oil

1 medium onion, diced

2 cloves of garlic, smashed and minced

1 can (large, 28 oz) diced tomatoes

1 can (small, 10 oz) small red beans (I use Goya–you can also use kidney beans if you can’t find small red beans–but the small red beans are AWESOME!)

2 cups water

2 veggie bouillon cubes

2 teaspoons chili powder

1 teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoons sugar

about a cup of egg noodles

To prepare:

In a large pot, place the olive oil over medium heat while you chop the onion.  Add the onion to the pot.  After about five minutes add the garlic to the pot–be careful not to burn the garlic.  Stir for about 30 seconds.  Then add the diced tomates (with juices) to the pot.  Rinse the small red beans off with water and add to pot.  Microwave 2 cups of water for about 2 minutes until hot, then add the veggie bouillon cubes–stir until dissolved and then add to the pot.  Next add seasonings–chili powder, cumin, and sugar.  Stir well and cook on medium heat for about 1/2 hour for the juices to reduce.  If needed, add a bit more water if it is getting too thick.  Next add the noodles, and stir well so that they are under the juices.  Let simmer for another 15 minutes.  That’s it.  Ready to eat.

The long cooking time really gives the broth a chance to get really flavorful.  I love this meal.  Can’t say that enough.


Serve with soft, warm Italian bread from you local bakery, slathered with butter.  Seriously good.

Where did my two days off go?  It seems like I was just working.  I need to become independently wealthy 🙂  Off to take a nap before work.

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