Being a Bum

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

That’s right.  Today I was just a bum.  I lazed around all day and it felt good.

We did take Izzy on two walks.  That was good.

We had the leftovers from Olive Garden.  Mmmm…

We had burritos and brown rice for dinner.  Double yummm…

I played a lot of Farmville and Yoville.  I need to find another hobby 🙂  Those games were driving me CRAZY today.  I think there are so many people trying to play them and the server is not accommodating so I just kept losing stuff that I had done.  Frustrating.

What else?  Well, while we were walking, these guys in a truck drove by our house asking if we had any scrap metal that needed to be hauled away.  We were able to get rid of all three broken air conditioners in the garage, as well as the old, rusty shelving units.  Bonus!  They were super nice.

We did the overflowing sink full of dishes!

We bundled up because it’s already getting COLD outside!

We watched a couple episodes of Gossip Girl that we had gotten from Netflix.  We like it.  Finally a new show to look forward to watching.

I forsee a glass of wine tonight while catching up on my blogs.

Tomorrow I work for one night and then have FOUR off!!!  Glorious.  I seriously need to get some organizing done.

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