Week Five “TBL” Results

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, it has been a LONG, DISAPPOINTING, and HUNGRY week for both of us.  We are making progress, but ever so slowly!

Kaye: Down 1.1 pounds (total = 14.7 pounds)

Kimm: Down 0.8 pounds (total = 10.4 pounds)

It’s very frustrating when you are so careful and so good during the week to see the scale move so little!  But we are not giving up.  When we look at the big picture, myself losing 15 pounds in 5 weeks and her losing 10 pounds, that is amazing!  If you don’t think so, go out and buy three five-pound bags of sugar, stick them in a backpack, and carry it on your back all day long and tell me that you don’t feel a difference (well, I’ve never actually done this but every time I carry the cat litter, which is 40 pounds, up four flights of stairs I say to myself, “that’s a lot of weight!”)

On a different note, we will both be beginning school again this next week.  Myself, I will be taking Nursing Informatics (sounds exciting, right!) and Principles of Epidemiology.  My sweetie will be learning all about Business Law (now that sounds like something that would put me immediately to sleep!).  Maybe all the schoolwork will keep us distracted from how HUNGRY we are 🙂

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Week Four “TBL” Results

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I just got back from work, am REALLY tired, and have to get to bed soon, but wanted to update on the weight loss saga.

The results…

Kaye: Down 1.7 pounds (total = 13.6!!!!)

Kimm: Down 3.4 (!!!!WOW!!!) pounds (total = 9.6!!!!)

I have to say Kimm was MUCH happier with her results this week. We didn’t go to the gym very often this week because Kimm had a sore toe (don’t even ask!) and my knee and ankle were bothering me. But we still did pretty good.

I have finally decided on a reward for myself when I hit the 25 pound mark–I’m going to buy an iphone! I am SOOOO excited. I was first introduced to the wonderfulness of the iphone when I visited my friend Frank in July. Such a cool phone. But I held back because of the price. But my contract with Verizon has expired and I rethought my doubts and now I realize, I deserve this phone. I work hard and I should be able to have an extremely cool phone. But I want to earn it. Thus waiting until I lose 25 pounds. I’ll fill you in on my 50 pound goal reward at a future date…

We are halfway through with TBL challenge at work. Wow. It has gone slow and fast all together. I do have to say though I’m looking forward to having some pizza and ice cream when this is all over. Kimm and I have decided to have a weekend of eating more freely when this is over…4 more weeks can’t come fast enough!

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I Knew This Day Would Come…

Thursday, August 21, 2008

BUT JUST NOT THIS SOON!  I am referring, sadly, to the fact that just this morning I found, not one, not two, but SEVEN gray hairs!!!  I never thought it would bother me this much, but it really has me thrown me in a loop.  Judging by the time my mother began to get gray hairs, I thought I would be well into my late forties before dealing with this event.  But here I am, ONLY 35, and plucking out gray hairs.  This is war!

I will have to plan my attack….hmmm…dying my hair again?  But then what color?  Simply continue plucking?  Probably not…too time consuming and it makes me FEEL old every time I do it.  So I guess I will probably end up dying my hair.  What a frustrating thing to be reminded that one is getting older.

Please don’t get me wrong…I don’t mind getting older.  I just don’t FEEL this old.  So when you actually see proof that you are getting older, it’s a strange thing.  Sometimes I think about it when I’m working at the hospital…I wonder what the elderly patients I am caring for looked like in their youth, what they did during their lifetimes, and whether they ever thought they would end up where they are at.  When I think about how fast time goes by it makes me want to get to that SECURE place that I think about (where I don’t have to go to school anymore to get to the career I want, where I don’t have to worry about paying off any more debt, where I actually am living in my own house, where I have children, where I feel content) as fast as I can so I can have time to enjoy it.  I know they say life is about the journey, not the destination, but I want that destination so badly!  Thankfully my journey is taking me there, albeit slowly.

Okay, that’s enough philosophizing.  See what a couple (or more than a couple!) of gray hairs can do to a person!!

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Week Three “TBL” Results

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First of all, can I just say, “where has this month gone already???” I can’t believe we are more than halfway through this month. I mean, I start school in LESS THAN two weeks!!!! Yikes!!! Crazy…

So we are both still making progress with our weight loss/healthy lifestyle changes. Here are the results for week three…

Kaye: Down 3.9 pounds (total = 11.9 pounds)

Kimm: Down 1.4 pounds (total = 6.2 pounds)

Kimm was disappointed with her loss this week (and I can’t blame her). It’s frustrating to work sooooo hard at eating right, exercising, drinking LOTS of water, and then see only 1.4 pounds gone. But I still think she is doing AWESOME!!! At least it is a loss and not a gain. Hopefully she will see better results this next week. All I know is that she is much stronger than I am (based on weights that she lifts at the gym) and she can can walk REALLY fast on the treadmill (MUCH faster than me).

As for me, my left ankle has been bothering me this week at the gym so I think I will have to switch to a non-weight-bearing cardio workout, like the bike. We’ll see how that goes.

After this week, we are halfway done with the 8 week challenge. As far as the hospital contest, I believe I am in the lead!! I’m thinking of how I should spend my winnings if I do indeed win…

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Week Two “TBL” Results

Monday, August 11, 2008

Second week done, not as bad as the first (meaning I didn’t feel AS deprived, or AS starving as I did the first week!)

The results were good (not AS good as the first week, but still very good in my mind).

Kaye: Another 3 pounds down!!! (total = 8 pounds)

Kimm: Another 1.4 pounds down!!! (total = 4.8 pounds)

And the best part is, we went to the gym!! It was a little strange going to the gym after at least one year, probably closer to two years, of not going. But then, after starting to lift weights, and being on the treadmill, it was like I never stopped going. I guess it’s kind of like riding a bike–you never forget. And of course my strength was WAY down. Doing some of the machines it was disappointing remembering how much I used to be able to lift! But I’ll get there again. It will just take time. I have to say it REALLY felt good to work out, sweat, feel muscles that I haven’t used in forever, come home and stand under a hot shower. I felt healthy and strong. I could have done without the major muscle aches which were so intense I could barely shampoo my hair because it hurt to lift my arms that high, but other than that, it was a good week as far as accomplishing my goals.

The other thing that I have done really well with is increasing my water consumption. In case you don’t know, which you probably don’t, because I’ve never mentioned it, is that I really don’t like water that much. Before starting TBL I would not drink ANY water during the day except for what I drank when brushing my teeth or taking my daily pills. THAT’S IT!! So I’m guessing that I was pretty dehydrated! But since TBL I have worked my way up to 9 (yes 9!!) cups of water a day! It’s amazing. I’m actually even starting to like water a little bit more. I figured I would find out all the benefits of my drinking all this water and share them so that if you needed encouragement to drink more water you would know WHY it’s good for you. Here goes…

–Hydration of internal organs, enabling them to function properly

–Hydration of skin, keeping it looking fresh and healthy

–Weight control (often when you think you are hungry, you are simply thirsty)

–Flushing out wastes and toxins from the body

–Regulating body temperature

–Alleviating/preventing a variety of ailments and keeping the immune system healthy

The human brain is composed of 95% water, blood is 82% water, the lungs are 90% water. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory. Mild dehydration is one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue. Estimates are that 75% of Americans have mild, chronic dehydration.

There’s lots more interesting facts. Try it yourself by googling “benefits of drinking more water” and see for yourself. Sometimes you just NEED to know WHY something is supposed to be good for you.

The other thing we did this week is to find some “fun” foods as well to throw in amongst all of the healthy foods. We’ve been trying some of the 100 calorie packs–we like the Hostess chocolate cupcakes and the Hostess carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. We also LOVE the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. These treats help make us feel more like we are not deprived, thus making it easier to stick to our portion/calorie controlled diet. I think that anything that makes it easier to lose weight is a good thing!

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MY Car

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes, that is right, MY car.  Since I just sent a bill for my last car payment, the car I have been driving for five years, the car that I bought new because I didn’t want a car that had anyone else’s problems, the car that has not had one problem (besides regular oil changes and changing the battery which lasted for 4 1/2 years), yes, this car, my black, 4 door, drives-like-a-dream car, is now REALLY MY car (barring any payoff amount I’m not aware of, which I’m trying not to think of).  I should be receiving my car title in the mail and when I do a CELEBRATION is in order.  This will be the first time since I have been driving that I will not have a car payment each month.  Now I can take that approximately $275 and put it towards my credit cards that I am STILL working on paying off.  But again…MY car…oh the wonderfulness of it!!

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Week One “TBL” Results

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well, I (and Kimm) made it through week one of The Biggest Loser (TBL). And when all is said and done, the hunger pains (literally!), the counting calories, and the feeling somewhat deprived of our twice weekly ice cream snacks was worth it.

Drum roll please………….

Kaye Week One–Down 5 (!!!!) pounds

Kimm Week One–Down 3.4 (!!!!) pounds

Yeah for us!!!!

We just went grocery shopping yesterday and got a whole lot of healthy stuff to eat–lots of fruit (apples, peaches, kiwi, cherries, grapes, pears, bananas, melon) and some good snacks (low fat popcorn, pretzels, sherbet, Skinny Cow ice cream treats, cottage cheese, fruit bars). Variety is always good when you are wondering what to have that will fit in your calorie range for the day.

I do have to say that after one week I feel better. It’s interesting tracking calories along with carbs, fat, protein, sodium, etc. I feel I know more about what I am eating and that’s a good thing. I’m simply more aware instead of just eating something because I think it’s healthy. Food has always been what I turn to when I’m stressed. So just by being more AWARE of what I am eating is helping tremendously. Learning to find solace for feelings in activities other than eating is going to take time, but I am learning.

Wish us luck on week two. This is the week that we plan to add exercise into the mix–so I’ll probably be a lot more sore when I post next week! Seriously though, I’m actually excited when I think about going to the gym again. I remember I always did feel really strong and invincible when I was lifting weights. There’s something about working muscles you didn’t know existed that gives you a feeling that you can do anything.

I’ll be posting some of our new meals soon for those who are interested in what we are eating to lose the weight. Sending positive vibes to anyone else who is on the path to healthier living!

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