Getting it all done….

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow….the last day of November.


I have to say, the one thing that is most difficult for me as an adult is getting everything done that I want to (or feel that should) get done.

Either my expectations are too high, or I don’t schedule myself well enough 🙂

Today was busy again…got my car inspected (last day to do it…although I seem to recall that other years I got it done even later) and went grocery shopping.

Had an indulgence of a nap since I didn’t sleep well last night because it was unseasonably warm (60s outside which made the bedroom even warmer).

And now just made dinner.

Two nights of work stand between me and getting the Christmas tree!!

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The “relaxing day” that wasn’t

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Since before Thanksgiving, Kimm and I designated today as our RELAXING day…a day to do absolutely nothing except what we wanted.

Well, even though many parts of it were relaxing, it definitely still had its share of errands and getting basic stuff done. Which means you can’t just stay in your pajamas all day long!

I guess being an adult means that truly relaxing days that last ALL day are few and far between (however, I will always try my darned-est to make sure that my birthday is one of those days!!)

Thankfully the errands weren’t too bad–post office for Christmas stamps, vet to pick up Izzy’s medicine, Dave’s (to pick up rawhides for Izzy but it turned out to be a wasted trip because they don’t carry her rawhides anymore…so we’ll have to find somewhere else to get them), Walgreens (also a fail…we were looking for Christmas cards), Target (where we were successful with getting Christmas cards although it took SUCH a long time…they just don’t have the selection they used to…everything is either wicked expensive or really ugly…we also picked up a few rolls of Christmas paper as well), and then finally Best Buy where we were looking for cases for our new iphones but again FAIL–they had a limited selection so we had to order online, but while we were there we did get to buy a Christmas movie that was only $3.99 (even though it was marked wrong–supposedly the sale had ended and we were going to be charged $7.99 but because the sign was still up we got the discount!).  **okay that was the longest run-on sentence yet!  But I’m too lazy to go back and make it better 🙂

Since this is my last day before going in for my long stretch we ordered grinders out.  And the plan is to watch another Christmas movie and have ice cream (we never had it last night).

I don’t want to have to work this next stretch!!!  It’s going to take a lot of mental will power to keep a positive attitude.  But I CAN DO IT…I’m just going to think of all those days off I’ll have once I get through this!

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Night Out

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tonight Kimm and I went out for dinner with another couple (a friend of Kimm’s that she used to work with ages ago and recently reconnected with via Facebook and that friend’s fiancée).

We had a really good time.  It has been quite a while since we’ve been out.  We went to Uno’s.  The pros–large booths, relaxed atmosphere, relatively quiet, short and easy drive.  The cons–expensive drinks, small portion sizes for the pizzas.   The pros outweigh the cons…and the company was good so it was a nice night!

We got avocado egg rolls foran appetizer and deep cheese pizza for the entrée.  And I tried the pomegranate margarita…x 3!!!  The best part is that there was no awkwardness to the night as there might have been since it was the first time meeting for most of us.  And we found out that they both like to play games so we may have another couple that we can get together with occasionally for some down time.

Prior to going out, it was a great day…I feel so accomplished…I cleaned the downstairs bath, swept the whole downstairs, did the bed sheets and cleaned the bedroom, wrote a few back blogs, and went grocery shopping.

Tomorrow seems like it may be busy as well..need to pick up Christmas cards and stamps, stop at the vet, go to Price Rite for a few more grocery items, clean the upstairs bath and office and hopefully take Izzy on a walk.

The plan for the rest of the night…watch the Muppet Christmas movie and have some ice cream!  I’m really treating myself before my rough stretch of days on!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

So we had a little scare yesterday!

While we were eating dinner before I went to work Kimm all of a sudden said, “Oww!”–the right side of her face was sore and felt like it had “heartburn in her mouth” (her words, not mine 🙂 )  She had a difficult time opening and closing her mouth and swallowing the rest of her meal but since we were pretty much done eating, we didn’t think much of it anymore.

So I went to work and then a bit later I get a text from her saying that the pain was worse and that it was starting to swell.  She actually sent me a picture and it was very swollen…my poor sweetie looked like a chipmunk!

I asked one of the nurses I was on with, what she thought it might be and she said maybe a swollen parotid gland…after googling it, I guessed she was probably right.  As long as her breathing was not compromised, I told her to alternate ice/heat but she was unable to eat anything else the remainder of the night…too much pain.

When I got home this morning, the swelling had gone down significantly.  Since she had a showing early afternoon she didn’t eat anything because when she even swallowed something, it would hurt a bunch again.  I was pretty sure she would have to call the doctor tomorrow and get an appointment.  However, shortly before she left for her showing she said that her mouth on that side felt like it was “draining” and she was able to spit out some nasty looking stuff.  After that happened, she said it hurt a lot less.

She went to the showing, came back home and was actually able to eat something with very little pain.

Not sure if there was a blockage that cleared on its own, but I was just so glad she was feeling better.

At this point we’ll see how it is in the morning.

In other news, I did some online shopping tonight and we are about to watch a Christmas movie 🙂  After that it’s to bed since we are both exhausted.

Oh yeah, and I had a patient (whom I wasn’t even his nurse, but I did help another nurse with him) thank me for all my care and I have to say…it sure feels good to be appreciated!   I smiled the whole way home 🙂

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A Tease

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last night I was canceled for the 7-11 portion of my shift 🙂

Last night I was canceled for the 7-11 portion of my shift 😦

Why, oh why, could it not have been for the ENTIRE 12 hour shift or NONE at all??

Being canceled for just four hours is really not much at all and you spend those four hours wondering (hoping!) if you’ll get canceled for the remainder of your shift.  And then when you don’t…you get mad and don’t want to go in!

At least I do!

Anyways, I was at work from 11 pm to 7 am and now that it is over I can say that it was BORING!!  I could have (and SHOULD have) been canceled!  I was in the ER for the first couple of hours but then they had enough help so I went around to the other floors offering my help and finally ended back up in ICU helping the two nurses that were on.

The good part…NO charting!!

The bad part…I just wanted to be at home so it felt long.

But the night is over and now I’m home.

One more night on and then three off 🙂

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The Day After…

Friday, November 25, 2011

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is OVER already!

Where is this year going??

Before you know it, Christmas will be here and gone.

Today Kimm and I STARTED our Christmas decorations.

Pretty simple really…we hung up a wreath on the side door and also one on the front door.  Only took about 10 minutes to adjust to our liking, but it did wonders for our Christmas spirit 🙂

Now I just need to get going on my Christmas shopping…I’m not crazy enough to get out there on Black Friday, but I do want to get stuff done ahead of time this year so I don’t feel so rushed.   I have to work the two days before Christmas so it has to be done before then!

One thing I do know…I’ll be listening to Christmas music as I drive to work tonight…can’t wait 🙂

I’m hoping for an amazing holiday season this year!


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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am so full!

Each year I think I eat less but still manage to want to live in sweats by the end of the night 🙂

I know I haven’t posted much in the past few days (weeks!)…it’s been a bit stressful.

But I have MUCH to be thankful for…

–my wonderful partner Kimm who supports me and lets me vent and with whom I enjoy relaxing down-time

–my family whom I love and miss dearly

–a job that challenges me

–a cozy home that I love more and more each day

–my furry babies…Izzy, Charlie and Madeline who make me laugh and smile every day

–good food, and enough of it

–electricity!!!! (that power outage made me realize just how much I depend on it!)

–our BRAND-NEW bathroom which is about 98% done!!!! (and beautiful at that!)



–friends who really know me

–the ability to do choose to do whatever I want



–hugs and kisses

–the smell of scented candles burning

–my favorite ice cream (Haagen Daaz Caramel Cone)


–baking and cooking

–nice clothes

–snuggling on the couch



–a wagging tail


–knowing that someone loves me

These are just a few things that make me feel so incredibly blessed.

I know that I can complain with the best of them, but deep in my heart I know that I am lucky to have so much.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy day today!

But…I liked it!   I love that I am able to bring some dishes to share for Thanksgiving.

My contributions this year…

…glazed carrots (with carrots from our own garden–we had taken the garden out on Sunday and there were a few carrots left!)


…apple pie

…chocolate chip zucchini bread

I started with the apple pie because I made it ENTIRELY from scratch, even the crust.  I felt very accomplished.  The pie crust actually rolled out pretty good which I was so happy with.  It smelled so good when it was baking! (**edited to add…the pie was OKAY…not the best I ever ate…the crust was a bit flavorless in my opinion and the filling was a bit too tart…I will have to try again next year to improve!!)

Cranberries are easy peasy…1 cup water, 1 cup sugar–bring to boil, then add the bag of cranberries and bring back to a boil for about 10 minutes…that’s it!  Love the tart/sweet combo.  I bring this every year.

I absolutely loved the brown sugar/butter glaze I made for the carrots…again…so easy…2 tablespoons butter and 1/3 cup brown sugar, melted together…add one and a half pounds cooked carrots…stir to cover and then cook about 5 minutes in saucepan, salt to taste.  Mmmm!

The chocolate chip zucchini bread was a last-minute thing since I had bought some zucchini a while back and it was on its last leg (but still good enough to be grated for the bread). We love this bread so it was a nice treat.

It took all day, but I was so happy with getting it all done!

I just love cooking and baking 🙂

Now I can’t wait to eat tomorrow!!

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Our NEW Bathroom!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We both love how our bathroom turned out!

Straight-on shot…LOVE the new wall color (a light tan) with the white bead-board (which was repainted)

Kimm did an AWESOME job finding the new shower curtain…love the colors (white, gray and dark brown) and the organic tree branch print!

Inside the shower…TONS of storage space (5 total shelves)

Another view…

The new shower valve and faucet…simple and classic

LOVE having a white tub…no more blue!

New white toilet and new floor (again a light tan with a linen pattern)

Window opposite the tub and in front of the toilet…no changes there…

The vanity area…same vanity, but new faucet!

Our same medicine cabinet, but it looks so much nicer with the new wall color!

Another view of the vanity area…

One last look!

So…does it look like an $8,000 improvement??

It still simply amazes me that this one VERY SMALL bath was that much to renovate.  And the homeowner’s insurance didn’t even cover half the cost!  BUT…we love the final result, AND it will be great for re-sale.

And best of all, it’s DONE!  Hopefully no more major renovation work in the near future…it’s not much fun at all.

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Bathroom–Toilet and Faucet

Monday, November 21, 2011

Again, the bathroom was being transformed as I slept!

Today the toilet and the new faucet went in.

What a change!

We went from a blue toilet, to a hole in the floor for several weeks, to a brand new spanking WHITE toilet!!!

I know I’m kind of a nerd to get excited about a toilet, but it’s NICE 🙂

And the new faucet is nice as well…although of course I did notice that there was a crack in the enamel portion of it.  Kimm noticed too so we have to call the company to get a new one sent.

With the toilet and faucet in, we are officially DONE with the bathroom!!

Pics to be posted tomorrow!

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