Catching up…(10/14-10/27)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

WOW…it has been 2 full weeks since I have last blogged!

It was definitely strange not blogging every day like I usually do, but in a way, it was also VERY NICE not to have to log on to the computer and input something every day.

Let’s just say…it was a nice break.

I learned that 1) the world will not end if I do not blog about my life and 2) I actually do like to blog and am not ready to call it quits yet!

So I’m not really sure how my blogging schedule will pan out from here on out, but I definitely WILL continue to blog.

Anyways…here’s what happened on my hiatus…

**I am finally off orientation for my new clinical nursing supervisor position!  I am very glad about this as I was feeling at the end that I was ready.  Of course I will never feel 100% ready for any situation that arises but for the most part, for the routine part of the job, I felt ready.  So far I have been “on my own” for two shifts.  Both of them have gone fairly well and I continue to hope that I don’t run in to any major problems.  I would say that the biggest issue I have had thus far is dealing with multiple admissions to a floor.  If a particular floor is getting many admissions that generally = unhappy nurses.  I’m trying REALLY hard to let that kind of negativity roll off my shoulders and just give as much support as I can.

**Kimm and I are attempting to eat more healthy again!  After my last vacation (end of September) we both felt the need to fuel up with more than pizza, ice cream and donuts!  Not to say that they were not delicious, but we both have some weight we want to get off and we are aiming for a healthy weight loss by the end of the year.  My goal was to drop about 17 pounds in 3 months.  I think this is very doable as I tend to lose a bit more weight right at the start (usually 4-5 pounds) and then that will leave a nice approximate 1 lb/week goal.  With all the walking I’m doing at work, I’m pretty sure I can hit this goal…hopefully all the holiday goodies will not get me off track.  I keep remembering that last year I lost even during the holidays.  I will not deny myself but I will try to limit my serving size!

** Along with trying to lose weight, we are participating in Cassie’s 4/40 Challenge.  However ours is 4 in 37 as we started a few days late! A brief explanation…4 goals to meet in 4 different categories to encourage you to not just jump off the bandwagon during the holidays…to have a positive momentum going into a tough time of the year for many people.  My 4 = nutrition (at least 3 fruits/veggies/day), fitness (along with our daily walk, fit in 10 days of lifting weights–arms, 10 days of walking the stairs 10x, 10 days of a walk/run with Izzy), personal (read 20 minutes every day), and professional (complete my two online courses I have signed up for–EKG and Critical care meds).  Reward = $50 to spend on whatever (I’m thinking something craft related or possibly scrubs??).  This is a lot to focus on so it is keeping me thinking every day.  So far I’m LOVING the reading every day.  After dinner and doing the after dinner chores (dishes, litter box, emptying the recyclables, closing the curtains) I sit and read and it is GLORIOUS.  With all the technology out there it is so easy to get caught up in “checking Facebook” or “reading blogs” that I lose out on reading actual books.  I love it!  The fruits and veggies are going pretty good but it’s awful sad that some days I’m scrambling to get them in.  Fitness is going okay but I overdid my first arm weight lifting…my arms have been SO sore.  I’m really going to have to work hard to get the online courses done but I really want to get them done before Thanksgiving because I want to thoroughly enjoy my month of December…the tree, the Christmas movies…and I know I will be able to do that much easier if all that work is done.

** I’m loving all of my fall TV shows…Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, The Blacklist, Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy, Sean Saves the World, and Parenthood…and I’m also watching LOST and back episodes of Downton Abbey.  Makes me happy 🙂

** I had to return sneakers that I thought were perfect when I tried them on in the store because they were irritating my bunions…of course I realized I had to return them about three days before the return expiration was due.  Which meant that I had to go out and return them on a day that I had worked the night before and was working the next night as well.  I did NOT like going out after dinner and going to a store…I think I’m at that age when I just like to stay home after dinner and relax.  I prefer doing all my errands during the daytime when it is light out.  Anyways, I got it done and found a different pair of sneakers that did not irritate my bunions.  I’m thinking at some point I’m going to have to have someone competent look at those bunions to see if/when I’ll have to have surgery.

** My legs have been so achy at night when I sleep overnight.  Usually around 3 in the morning I’ll wake up from them being so achy…generally my right leg/hip mostly.  Then I will toss and turn every half hour for the remainder of the night.  DRIVES ME CRAZY.  I was telling one of my co-workers about it and she said her daughter takes Magnesium for Restless Leg Syndrome.  I’m not sure if this IS Restless Leg Syndrome, but it is annoying and I’m willing to try anything.  The weird thing is that I only really experience this when sleeping overnight, but not when I sleep during the day after working at night!  So I have started taking 500 mg Magnesium and I THINK it may be helping.  It has not eliminated the issue, but it is much more tolerable.

** I have finally found a bra that I am somewhat happy with.  During my orientation I had a four-day stretch off and used part of one of the days to go trying on bras again.  After about 2 hours (seriously!!!) I finally found one that I was pretty happy with.  Thankfully it was one that I was able to look up online when I got home in order to buy more (the store only had one in my size).  I bought 4 more for a total of 5.  I’m hoping that is the end of bra shopping for a while!

** Kimm and I actually did something in our town!  We walked up to the Veteran’s Green on Saturday October 19th to browse a book sale and the Harvest Festival.  We did actually buy some books (6, for $5) and also a cat magnet from one of the vendors.  Most of the stuff we thought was junk, but it was nice to just get out and about.

** We finally visited our friends who “just” (2 months ago!!!) had a baby 🙂  It was a nice visit and we resolved to not wait as long before our next visit.

** It has been almost 2 months since our neighbor moved from across the street!  We miss her!  But we are getting together with her and her daughter and son-in-law this next week.  It will be so nice to catch up on all the gossip and see their new house.  Looking forward to it!

** We’ve only eaten out ONCE this month so far.  That is SO unlike us.  AND we cut down…instead of getting a medium cheese pizza and fries, we got a SMALL cheese pizza and fries.  And you know what…it was perfectly fine.

** We bought fall decorations for Kimm’s parents and surprised them!  They were so happy 🙂  We got them 4 mums and 4 pumpkins.  I also baked up some banana muffins and we stayed to visit over breakfast.

** I can’t believe I had to pay $20 for a follow-up visit to my doctor to have her look at a mole on my back that she was watching.  It took her all of one minute to say, “looks the same size…we’ll check it again at your next yearly.”  Sigh.

** Kimm has been taking her Prilosec twice a day now for over a month to see if it will help with her globus sensation.  It hasn’t made any difference and so she had her follow-up with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  We had to wait 45 minutes to see him as he was running late all to have him say, “Well, that’s the most that I can do for you, since you are still experiencing heartburn, I would recommend a GI specialist.”  SIGH!!

** We finally dropped off a bunch of stuff to T.J. O’Connor for the animals.  That’s only been on our “to do” list for over a year!

** The road in front of our house has finally been paved.  Unfortunately, they left a huge pile of junk on the edge of our property corner so we have to call and ask WHEN that will be moved.  AND they never fixed the lawn.  Huge SIGH!!!  Why can’t anyone take pride in what they do anymore and actually respect the property of others????

** I’ve talked to my friend from WI TWICE now…that’s truly a record for us.  We are trying really hard to keep it up.

** The leaves are falling fast and furious.  All I have to say is that we have a lot of leaves to rake up.

** We’ve been eating good lately.  And I just LOVE good food!

I THINK that is everything.  If not, it wasn’t important enough to remember 🙂

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Friday Favorites, 2013: Week 43

Friday, October 25, 2013

Yep, late on this one as well!  Another week just FLEW by!

My favorites from around the web…

Favorite dessertApple Streusel Cookie Tart!  This is one I DEFINITELY want to make…

Apple Struesel Tart

~~Recipe and photo…Pillsbury

Favorite finance posts…(both from The Simple Dollar)

Don’t Go In!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying in Bulk

Favorite homemade snackIncredibly Good {Basic} Hummus.  I really love a good hummus and really want to try to make this homemade at some point.


~~Recipe and photo…Eat, Live, Run

Favorite miscellaneous reads

Silly Things People Have Said to Me When I Tell Them I’m Not Having Kids (~~The Huffington Post)

Set a Bedtime Alarm (~~Dare You To…)

The Power of a Haircut (~~A Healthy Slice of Life)

15 Organizing Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes (~~IHeart Organizing)

Favorite chocolateMy Kids Favorite Brownies…hey, if kids love them, I’m sure I will too!


~~Recipe and photo…Cookies and Cups

Favorite inspirational posts…again, if you haven’t been following these 31 day challenge posts…start now!  The moment to slow down and add more positive and subtract more negative from our lives is NOW.

Less Catch-Up {Day 18}

Day 18 {More Planning}

Less Sugar {Day 19}

Day 19 {More Cooking}

Less Caffeine {Day 20}

Day 20 {More Exercise}

Less Tension {Day 21}

Day 21 {More Patience}

Less Paper Clutter {Day 22}

Day 22 {More Filing}

Less Closet Chaos {Day 23}

Day 23 {More Order in Closet}

Less Kitchen Confusion {Day 24}

Day 24 {More Pretty Pantries}

~~LESSLiving Well, Spending Less

~~MORELife in Grace

Favorite funny truth


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Friday Favorites, 2013: Week 42

Friday, October 18, 2013

I know that I’m behind…but I can’t miss out on sharing my Friday faves…

Favorite monthly meditation…LESS & MORE…I truly urge you to read these posts…they have struck a chord in my heart and made me THINK about what is most important to me…it is my hope that anyone who reads these posts will start an inner self assessment that leads to greater fulfillment…(LESS posts ~~ Living Well, Spending LessMORE posts ~~ Life in Grace)

Less Discontentment {Day 11}

Day 11 {More Gratitude}

Less Social Media {Day 12}

Day 12 {More Friendship}

Less Email {Day 13}

Day 13 {More Hand-Written Notes}

Less Smart Phone {Day 14}

Day 14 {More Communication}

Less Television {Day 15}

Day 15 {More Reading}

Less Running Around {Day 16}

Day 16 {More Nesting}

Less Mindless Spending {Day 17}

Day 17 {More Passionate Living}

Favorite fall-inspired breakfasts…holy yumm!

Maple Nut Baked Oatmeal

Maple Nut Baked Oatmeal

~~Recipe and photo…Eat, Live, Run

Apple Cider Pancakes with Maple Cider Syrup

Apple Cider Pancakes

~~Recipe and photo…Iowa Girl Eats

Favorite finance advice…(~~all posts from The Simple Dollar)

What Are You Buying?  Another Way of Looking at “Cheap”

Great Performance Without Hard Work?

What We Take for Granted

Favorite truth

Smallest Things

Favorite inspirational posts

When You’re Stressed (~~Fitting It All In)

Improve All of Your Tomorrows (~~Olivetorun)

The 10 Universal Principles Applied (~~Love Life Surf)

Favorite take-home quote for the week


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A day of GOOD eats!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

HOW is this month almost half over???

Back to work tonight but we enjoyed some really good eats today…

Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes and coffee (we’ve decided to institute a “special” meal for breakfast once a week!)

Lunch: Tomato sandwiches on toast (with mayo and S/P), brown rice, cucumber and tomato salad, coconut cookies (LOVE the tastes of summer even though it is fall!)

Dinner: (we will be having) Refried bean/potato/cheese enchiladas (homemade!), strawberries and sugar, coconut cookies

Snack: (we will be having) Veggie sticks (not REAL veggies…the chips that are made of veggies and shaped like sticks!) with dill dip


The scale is still moving in the right direction 🙂

Here’s to another good week of healthy eats.

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Keeping in touch…

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I feel SO happy…I’ve actually kept in touch with my dear friend from high school for two weeks in a row!

This is a big thing…every time I go home to visit we see each other, talk as if we haven’t had years in between seeing each other, then promise to faithfully stay in touch…and then somehow life gets in the way and we both don’t follow through.

But…this time it’s working so far and it’s giving me the biggest smile 🙂


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Happy Birthday Brother…and Friday Favorites, 2013: Week 41

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy birthday to my younger brother Kurt!

Happy Birthday Kurt

Hope your 39th year is your BEST ONE YET!!!

Another week of training done…a few days off and then back at it…I believe it will be the last one…I have to get everything I can out of it!

Enjoy my favorites from around the web…

Favorite seasonal sweets

Mini Pumpkin Sticky Buns

Mini Pumpkin Sticky Buns

~~Recipe and photo…Iowa Girl Eats

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

~~Recipe and photo…The Recipe Critic

Quick and Easy Sour Cream Apple Kuchen

Sour Cream Apple Kuchen

~~Recipe and photo…Willow Bird Baking

Pumpkin Spice Latte Krispie Treats

Pumpkin Spice Latte Krispie Treats

~~Recipe and photo...Inside BruCrew Life

Favorite finance advice…{~~The Simple Dollar}

Climb the Stairs Before You Climb the Mountain

Other People Make It Look Easy

Favorite cold-weather side dishCrispy Smashed Potatoes

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

~~Recipe and photo…Love Grows Wild

Favorite nursingMy First Bed Change {~~Nurse Eye Roll}

Favorite breakfast-inspired main mealSouthwestern Egg and Tator Tot Casserole

Southwest Egg and Tator Tot Casserole

~~Recipe and photo…Lauren’s Latest

Favorite inspirational posts

Slowing Down {~~Eat, Live, Run}

7 Ways to Stop Fearing What Everyone Thinks of You {~~Marc and Angel Hack Life}

10 Lessons in 10 Years of Marriage {~~Love, Life, Surf}

5 Life Lessons Blogging Taught Me {~~Alisha’s Appetite}

Favorite meditative posts…still LOVING the less/more posts…

~~Living Well, Spending Less

Less Self-Centeredness {Day 5}

Less Discord {Day 6}

Less Anxiety {Day 7}

Less Judgment {Day 8}

Less Disappointment {Day 9}

Less Greed {Day 10}

~~Life in Grace

Day 5 {More Service}

Day 6 {More Harmony}

Day 7 {More Rest}

Day 8 {More Acceptance}

Day 9 {More Wonder}

Day 10 {More Giving}

Favorite truth

Wonderful world

Have a great weekend!!

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Get rid of it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

WHY is it so hard to get rid of junk from your past??? I’m so tired of going through the SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER…yet I still can’t always make the break 😦

Regardless, I have been on an organizing/purging streak again…every night after dinner I try to do about an hour…and that’s enough because then I start to get overwhelmed and doubting what I’m getting rid of.

I have a TON of nursing stuff to go through and I’m completely not looking forward to it.

I just keep trying to ask myself…”have I used this?,” “WILL I use this?”

All I can do is just keep plodding on.  I have to say though…the empty spaces I create when there is less clutter make me very happy…

Last night on tonight…I’m feeling a little runny nose coming on so I’ll have to rest a lot my days off.  I’m surprised I haven’t gotten sicker sooner…so many people are fighting a bug right now.

**TODAY is the day we finally put our heat on…62 when I came home this morning!  A bit chilly!

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I think I’m going to like this…

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just got done doing a bit of organizing after a walk before dinner, a lovely dinner (“chicken parm”), and doing the dishes.   Then a shower and my relaxing time before work…today will be an episode of Lost while I sip on some hot chocolate and a few graham crackers.

I think I’m beginning to like having this extra time before work 🙂

Day number two on and I’m feeling pretty good!

On another positive note…I got my flu vaccine this morning and I was anticipating my arm aching horrendously like previous years and it is only slightly sore…I can hardly even tell it was given…a huge plus!


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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I truly do not understand why so many people are so self-absorbed and mean.

Two good examples today…

My morning plan was to go grocery shopping.

At my first store it was packed…SO busy.  I can understand this, but STILL.  Have some respect for the people around you.  I ran into several people that cut me off getting to something and many others that stopped with their cart in the middle of the aisle, blocking anyone else from getting by.  SO frustrating.

Then at my second store, I managed to get through fairly quickly but then when I was checking out (at the self checkout lane), I was having a problem with one coupon…the machine was not reading it.  Well, the guy behind me said, “you have to put the coupon in that little slot” (meanly as if I was stupid and didn’t know that) and physically came up to me to show me the slot.  I told him, “the machine is not taking the coupon, I’ll have to wait for assistance” and then he proceeded to say, “is it a valid coupon?” (as if it was not!) and I said, “yes it’s a valid coupon, these machines just occasionally have problems” AND THEN he proceeded to say, under his breath, but I could still hear him, “or the person” (meaning I was the one with the problem).  I was STEAMING at this point but I think I was just shocked that he was so rude I didn’t even respond.  Thankfully the clerk came over, helped me with the coupon and I was able to leave, but I was mad the entire way home.   A perfect stranger…acting so rude.

It just got me thinking…I was brought up with manners.  I would NEVER think of saying anything to anyone no matter what I was thinking.  I may vent to Kimm when I get home but I am always polite to others.  Why can’t other people be the same?

Again, SO FRUSTRATING and just makes me so happy that I can stay at home in my little home that I love the majority of the time and NOT have to interact with such inconsiderate people.

Ugh.  Vent over.

The rest of the day was okay.  Our street in front of our house is finally getting repaved so they tore it up today and believe me, that was a loud and house-shaking event that lasted all morning according to Kimm.

Can’t wait for that to be done too.

But thankfully there were good things today that I focused on and made me super happy…

…two walks with Izzy and Kimm

…grilling out

…great food (lunch–grilled cheese, veggies and hummus, Bugles, grapes, coconut cookies; dinner–veggie burger, veggie kabobs, baked potato, strawberries, Andes mint)

…reading and relaxing a bit this afternoon and tonight before heading into work

I’m on for three in a row now, so we’ll see how different that feels from three 12’s in a row.


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A Pleasant Surprise.

Monday, October 7, 2013

First time on the scale today after our decision to “get back on the eating healthy bandwagon” and I’m down 4 lbs.  I was hoping for just one at least so I was happy 🙂

Plans for the day…

…prep in the kitchen (making homemade bread, dip, hot cocoa mix, salsa)

…talk with mom

…watch DWTS

…organize my bookcases (again!)

It’s a good day to get stuff done…rainy and dreary.

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