They’re here!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My parents made it here safely!

We enjoyed a yummy meal of grinders and fries while chatting away.

My friend got a REALLY nice hotel room for my parents that’s close by and cheap with her discount!



Can’t wait to have a week off and enjoy time with my parents…

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One of two

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I got through the night…only one more to go until my parents are here and I have some more time off.

Got through the night with lots of orange juice and Contac.  Still not feeling 100% so I’m hoping sleep will help fend off this cold that keeps wanting to stick.


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Rainy Errand Day…and Friday Favorites #19

Friday, September 28, 2012

It’s been raining non-stop since I got up…that perfect rain where you just want to sit on your couch, snuggled up in your cozies, and either read, watch TV, or just fall asleep to the sound of rain on the roof.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do any of that…

Slept in…

and then after breakfast, off to do errands…

Yankee Candle…FOUR new candles in our possession…with the help of a Buy Two, Get Two Free coupon…SWEET!  Two Christmas-y scents–Balsam Fir and Cedar, and Peppermint Bark…two autumnal scents–Autumn Leaves and MacIntosh Apple!  Can’t wait to smell these as these burn…

Then off to the library, the liquor store and CVS.

So glad to be home.

Also finished washing the sheets, doing the dishes, washing dishes, sweeping.

I’m as ready as I’ll be for my parents to come!

Still feeling a little bit sick today…popped some more Contac and crossing my fingers that I’m better soon.

Have to make this quick today since I’m running behind…enjoy my favorites from around the web…


Favorite bowl…all this cool weather is making me CRAVE a hearty bowl of chili…this 20 Minute Four Bean Chili looks super delicious!

Favorite DIY Frugal Find…like those color catchers…don’t like the price so much?  Well, here’s a post that shows how to Make Your Own Laundry Color Catchers…I’m definitely making these!

Favorite funnies

(who else tries to make it in the house with only ONE TRIP, no matter what!!!)

(SO TRUE!!!!)

Favorite Mexican bite…these Baked Black Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas look so good I know I could eat lots!  A nice change up from the common tacos and burritos…

Favorite way to save money…I love hummus…I don’t love the price of hummus…I REALLY need to start making homemade hummus for a FRACTION of the cost.

Favorite Cheesy GoodnessNot Your Mother’s Mac and Cheese…even the name makes it sound irresistible!

Favorite “posts I needed to read” this week

Taking a step back

You’re Not Alone

Favorite quick dessertOne Minute Pumpkin Spice Cake…Hello, Yes!  I’ve never tried this microwave desserts, but I’m thinking this may be the one to try!

Favorite “ooey-gooey’ desserts…these ALL look so good…even though I may never make them, if they were in front of me right now, I’d be in dessert heaven!!

Coconut White Chocolate Chip Blondies

Cinnamon Roll Dutch Apple Pie

White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars

Chocolate Caramel Apples

White and Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Chocolate Cake Bars (what a mouthful!!!)

Gooey “German” Pumpkin Skillet Cake (****BONUS…great blog post…everything this blogger needs to know regarding life, she is learning from her dog!…a lovely post FULL of chocolate and positivity!!)

Favorite truths

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

First things first, I am still feeling a little sick, but I think I am on the mend, at least I HOPE I am on the mend.

I was able to sleep in til 9:30 this morning and I think that was very helpful 🙂

Today was spent getting ready for my parents as I have to work tomorrow and the next day.

Bathrooms cleaned…CHECK.

Fridge cleaned…CHECK.

Dining room table cleaned off…CHECK.


Porch vacuumed…CHECK.


Meal list planned…CHECK.

That’s all I had in me!

I still plan on doing another load of laundry tomorrow, changing the bed sheets, vacuuming the floors.

Sorry weed-wacking, you WILL NOT get done.

Oh well.

Bed early again tonight to ward off this lingering cold…

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another exciting night at work (not!)  I was in the ER all night.  Only two patients in ICU and only one was an ICU patient.  So I haven’t worked in the ICU since I’ve been back from vacation.  Strange.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of floating.

Back home and was I glad.  I’m starting to get a cold 😦

When I went to work on Monday I must have ran into about half a dozen people who were sick…started with a sore throat and went into a head cold.  I TRIED my hardest to avoid being around said sick people, but it’s pretty much impossible.

Tuesday I had a sore throat!

But then when I woke up on Wednesday, I felt a tiny bit better.

Back at work and everyone was telling me, “oh yeah, there’s something going around…and you think you’re getting better and then WHAM…that’s when the head cold starts.”

Gee, thanks.

And sure enough, today I feel a little bit worse.  I took some Contac and I’m going to hope for the best.  I just hope I’m better by the time my parents come on Sunday!!

My plan:  REST and FLUIDS.



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Fall is here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Woke up to a brisk morning!

Thankfully I slept good last night and woke up with my sore throat better, not gone, but I can definitely tell that it’s on the mend 🙂

Toast and coffee and then it was out the door for me…mowing the lawn.

But first picking up the sticks that were blown down…not my favorite task.

The mowing was nice…I can definitely tell it’s fall…lots of leaves already on the ground, mulched by the mower.

Two hours later, done.

Yummy leftovers for lunch while watching a Love It or List It (really have grown to love that show).

Dishes done, some filing done.

And now some relaxing before getting ready for work (yep I had an on/off schedule this week).

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41 Years

Monday, September 24, 2012

My first night back at work was not bad…I REALLY tried to stay calm no matter what and I think I did a good job (especially considering I was floated to IMC and did THREE admissions!!)

Home to sleep which I desperately needed because the sore throat I had started to notice yesterday had gotten a whole lot worse over night.  Just hoping that some rest would help fight it off…I must have counted at least FIVE people at work with colds…makes it tough to avoid.

After a solid six hours of sleep I was up because we had plans to join Kimm’s parents out to eat at Olive Garden to celebrate their 41st Wedding Anniversary 🙂

I told them that I would love to see some old pics from when they were first married…is it just me, or does anyone else like looking at pictures of people??

We had a good meal and good conversation!

Brought home leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Spent the rest of the night just relaxing on the couch…in sweats and a thick sweatshirt…the nights are getting chilly!!

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Clean Car

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I was feeling awfully ambitious this morning and went outside and cleaned my car!

It was QUITE the workout.  I think if my car was in the shade it would have been a lot less hot.  By the time I was done I was dripping with sweat and my clothes were WET.

But the entire car is vacuumed, all the windows are wiped clean, and the dash is clean as well.  Plus all the tons of MISC crap is cleaned out.

I swear I don’t know where I get this energy to do this stuff.  I had all week while I was on vacation and none of those days did I feel like doing it…but today, when I have more or less half a day, THEN I feel like doing it 🙂

Regardless, it’s done and I’m very happy.

Kimm got outside while I was doing that and pulled a bunch of weeds from behind the shed and garage.  She may (DID) overdo it.  She’s on the couch now, recovering while watching the game.

I’m off to take a quick little nap!

Back to work tonight…

Goals for the week:

Basically get the house ready for when my parents visit…clean and declutter where needed…plan out meals and stuff to do…mow/weed wack.  It’s going to be a crazy, busy week!

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Last FULL day of Vacation…Saturday Savings #4

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today is my last full day of vacation.

Bad news:  it went by SO FAST…and I’m spending a good portion of today with housework stuff (laundry mostly)

Good news: I’ll have another week off in one week when my parents come to visit!

This is going to be short because I want to ENJOY the last day…

But here is my savings this week:

–used one pantry item (Ramon noodles in my veggie stir fry)

–no AC most nights!  (getting close to taking it out but we still used it last night)

–didn’t have to pay the $5 in parking for the Big E as our neighbor dropped us off and picked us up (I know we SPENT a lot of money at the Big E but that was budgeted in under “fun” for our vacation!)

–only went to the Big E once, instead of how we had planned to go twice (this saved us at least $50 I would say!)

–finally earned those extra points on my Am Exp credit card…over 800

–checked out more books from the library to read

–stayed home most days of the vacation (easier to not spend money when you are not tempted!)

–ate out THREE meals for our vacation (better than every meal!)

I balanced the checkbook this week and have a feeling this month we will be in the red…that’s okay…there were several expenses that need to be better accounted for as I tweak the budget…BJ’s, vet appointment, Home Depot.

I’m going to just keep plugging along!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day…it’s GORGEOUS out there!!

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End of week…Friday Favorites #18

Friday, September 21, 2012

This week has flown by!  I guess not having to go in to work will make you really enjoy every day and make it seem like a blink of an eye 🙂

Today was filled with end of week odds and ends…balancing the checkbook and paying bills, errands (CVS, bank, library), dusting…and then some nice porch time after dinner and a movie planned for tonight!

I hope you enjoy my favorites from around the web this week…there are a LOT!!!


Favorite “OMG that SO describes how I feel” article…when I read this article, “Stop Being Offended Today: The Cure for Everything That Irritates You” I couldn’t stop nodding my head in agreement.   I need to increase my happiness immune system by following the simple advice in the article: 1) don’t be offended by anything you can’t change, 2) stop looking for things to be offended by, and 3) give others the space to be themselves.  I think I should seriously read this article in its entirety EVERY time I go into work.

Favorite breakfast treatCranberry Almond Granola…this simple granola hits the right combination of salty and sweet in my opinion and is perfect for fall!

Favorite funny…LOVE

Favorite “be in the moment” article“The Zen of Single Tasking”…in a world where many of us feel overworked, pinched on time, stressed, we can reverse these feelings by truly BEING IN THE MOMENT…focusing on one, and only one thing, for at least one task…it’s kind of like meditating…I know that for myself, this week I want to mindfully find the joy in immersing myself in one task.

Favorite snack idea…simple ingredients make for bite-sized energy on the go…

Almond Joy Balls

Orange Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Balls

Mocha Balls

Dark Chocolate Coffee Peanut Butter Balls

Favorite organizing tip…using Washi Tape as file labels.  What is washi tape ???  Decorate low-stick Japanese masking tape which is being used in multitudes of ways in crafting projects…here to label folders…

Favorite pumpkin sweets…it’s that time of year!

Pumpkin Pie Bars

Starbucks Clone Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin Cake

Favorite inspirational blog posts

I want to remember

….there are so many moments in my life I want to remember as well…if I don’t write some of them down, will I remember??  I just loved this post that captured simple, everyday moments and made them never-forgotten…

I believe in

…WHAT do I believe in??…writing down my beliefs helps me to truly KNOW who I am…

Favorite cookie…has to be Chocolate Chip!  This blogger posts her “Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie” that incorporates dark brown sugar, sea salt and mini chocolate chips…sounds like a winner!!

Favorite holiday inspiration“A Simpler Approach to Seasonal Decorating”…I LOVED how the author of this blog post stated that Ma Ingalls was her hero…”would Ma Ingalls own this?”…a perfect thought to keep in mind as we all walk the seasonal aisles of our favorite department stores…will anything from those aisles IMPROVE our lives…I think not.  This autumn I’m going to embrace nature and let it decorate my home…pumpkins, mums, tree branches, leaves…I want the simple beauty of the season remind me of the simple beauty of each day…

Favorite sweet spicecinnamon it is…

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Smoothie

Baked Cinnamon Bun Donuts with Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze

(I think I need one of those baked donut pans!!!)


Each of these articles helped me see that I need to think about ME…(which, as a people pleaser, is difficult for me to do)…but every day I am learning that I am important!

How Is Your Other Half? (we usually cater to our responsible half…what about our creative half?)

How I Practice Self Care (what do you do to make yourself a happier, kinder, more-enjoyable-to-be-around person?)

The Importance of Liking Yourself (how many genuine moments of self-expression do you have…are you cultivating a life where you like who you are?)

32 Things You Should Stop Caring About (enough with caring so much about the past and what others think!)

Favorite soup…(minus the chicken for all of us vegetarians!) this Restaurant-Style Chicken Tortilla Soup impresses with spices for flavor, beans for protein, and toppings galore for fun!

Favorite “I want” decoration…loving this Glass Hurricane that you can change instantly with the seasons…fill with evergreens and cranberries during winter, peas and flowers during spring, seashells during summer, pinecones and mini-gourds during autumn…or random stuff too…coffee beans, rocks, marbles, etc…the ideas are endless!!

Favorite “keeping in real” blog post“Anytime Fitness Conference 2012: Be Inspired and Be Inspiring.”  Cassie blogs over at Back To Her Roots (love that blog!) and was recently awarded at the Anytime Fitness Conference for providing not the “notice me” extraordinary inspiration, “I do great things and therefore so can you” inspiration, but rather the “I’m very similar to you, I’m a normal person doing just a few things that are making me healthier/better” and therefore SO CAN YOU!  I seriously love how she writes how powerful the ordinary is…how most of us live in the ordinary…but yet we CAN STILL be inspirational to others…a GREAT read.

Favorite Halloween costume!…absolutely LOVE this Jar Head Costume…this post gives step-by-step how-to.

Favorite techy article“Your Life Is Fully Mobile”…is there any other technological gadget that we are more attached to than our smartphone??

Favorite apple treats…another taste of the season…

Apple Squares with Maple Glaze

Apple Crisp Bars

Favorite pro-blog post on calorie counting…I like the tone of this article, On Calorie Counting: Weekly vs. Daily Goals, that argues that counting calories CAN help drop the extra pounds, even though it is time-consuming and kind of anal…having a weekly goal, to allow for flexibility in daily counting, helps take the pressure off every day being perfect and allows for special occasions…as someone who has TRIED intuitive eating and knows that it really doesn’t work for me, reading this article was more than interesting.

Favorite truths

Have an AWESOME weekend folks!!!!

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