Sunday, November 29, 2009

It was lovely to drive home from work this morning with sun!  It’s been so gloomy lately I had forgotten what the sun looked like 🙂

I’m really tired.  I knew I would pay for having been cancelled yesterday.  Last night I floated for four hours to Intermediate Care and then back to Med-Surg for the last eight hours.  My eyelids are calling out to close so I’m going to hop into bed.

BTW…I did listen to my Celine Dion Christmas CD on the way to work and I LOVED it!!

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Blown Away!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It doesn’t even feel like a Saturday today!  You know why?

Because I was CANCELLED yesterday!!!!  For the entire shift 🙂

Even though I was cancelled at the last minute (at 5:23 pm for the 7 pm to 11 p portion, and then again at 10 pm for the 11 pm to 7 a portion), I was so HAPPY!  It gave me an extra night with Kimm for us to just relax.   Which we thoroughly did.  No painting yesterday!   Just lots of TV time and snuggling, and popcorn!

So today we got an extra day in as well.  We finally put the last coat of trim up on the walls–7th time is THE CHARM!  And we got more cabinets painted.  So now all we have left is some more trim work and some of the cabinets.  One day max.  Which is very exciting.  So by next Saturday it should be all done and we can work on decorating it which is the fun part.

As far as being blown away…that’s due to the WIND we’ve been having.  It was gusting up to 50 miles per hour!  Yikes.  That’s all you could hear in the house last night and this morning was the wind howling.  And then there were tons of branches that fell down we noticed on our walk.

Okay.  I have to stop talking and start getting ready for work.  This is MUCH later than I normally start.  But we are having leftovers again for dinner so that’s a snap.  Now I only have to work TWO days which is so much better than THREE.  My attitude is much improved.  Can’t you tell..with all these exclamation points 🙂

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Black Friday

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nope, I’m not one of those crazy fools that will camp outside a store in order to get a good deal.

Instead, my black Friday was spent trying to relax after a very busy week!

We did take Izzy for a morning walk (in the rain I might add!).  It’s very gray, and gloomy, and wet here.

Had a nice cup of coffee.  Caught up on all my blogs and hopped into bed this afternoon for a nice nap.  Of course I couldn’t sleep–sometimes even though you want to relax the mind will not stop moving.  But I was able to warm up and rest.  Now I’m into the shower to warm up under the steam.  And I’m crossing my fingers to get cancelled tonight.  I’m not counting on it, because I don’t want to be disappointed, but a few of my co-workers got cancelled for Thanksgiving and even today.  So it COULD happen 🙂

Even if I have to go in, at least I’ll get to have my Thanksgiving Day leftovers for dinner and listen to Christmas music on the way in to work.

Have a lovely weekend all.

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A Day of Thanks

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mashed potatoes with butter

Green bean casserole

Cheesy broccoli casserole


Corn with dill

Pearl onions

Crescent rolls

Cranberry sauce

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream

Apple pie

Apple crisp


MMMMMMMM….It was SUCH a good meal.  I get a huge smile on my face just thinking about everything I ate all over again!  Thank goodness for leftovers!

People always ask me…don’t you miss the turkey?

Honestly–NO.  It was NEVER my favorite part of the meal.  I love the sides so much more!  So being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving is NOT a hardship and never will be.  I was STUFFED leaving the table 🙂

Every year on thanksgiving I reflect on all I am thankful for.  It makes me realize just how blessed I am.  I give thanks for…

my sweetie!–a hug from her can always brighten my day and I’m grateful for her in my life every single day–I’m glad we share our day-to-day life

a home over my head…a home that last year at this time was only a dream…a home that we have put our sweat and love into and that really feels like HOME

always having enough food to eat…never wondering where my next meal is coming from

my family–although they are far away, I think of them all the time and love them tremendously

my adopted family here in MA…Kimm’s family has always made me feel welcome

a job in this uncertain economy…one that allows me to have all of my needs met and many of my wants as well

my health…as much as I may complain about my aching back or my sore feet, I really am EXTREMELY healthy and wouldn’t trade that in for the world

my pets, Madeline, Charlie, and Izzy…who give me such joy every day…and LOTS of laughs as well!

my friends..near and far I’m always amazed that so many people consider me to be important in their lives

…the blog world…where I am continually inspired every day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Bring on the Christmas music baby!

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Whew What a Day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It’s hard to believe that today is the day before Thanksgiving!

Where DOES the time go?

Anyways, I blew through my “to do” list today:

*Car Inspection

*Grocery store (for last minute ingredients)

*Home Depot (MORE paint!)

*Izzy’s two walks

*Laundry–two loads of towels

*Make the cranberry sauce

*Make the apple crisp

*Paint another coat in the kitchen (I did the trim, Kimm did the walls)

*Painted one bank of cabinets

*Sent out invitations for a holiday party we are having

*Make our evening meal–Shepard’s Pie–DELISH/do dishes afterwards

*Call Mom and Dad (they were out…but I’ll definitely talk to them tomorrow!)

*Blog 🙂

Whew!   It makes me tired all over again just typing it out!

All I can say is that my feet hurt–from being on them all day.  It’s nice now to just sit.

I’ll be happy to have a nice day with Kimm’s family tomorrow.

BTW–I think the 5th coat for the kitchen is the last one.  Unfortunately the 6th coat of trim is still not enough…but probably just one more coat.  Thank goodness.  It’s looking so good!

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My Life Currently is…Painting

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That’s right.  I pretty much spend every day painting and there is STILL so much to be done with the kitchen.  Now why did I ever think that this was all going to be done before Thanksgiving?

Oh yeah.

I didn’t think that I would need to put so many frickin’ coats of paint on the wall!

So tonight I did the 5th (!) coat of trim of the yellow.  Then I did the front of all the cabinets in the magnolia white.  It looks AWESOME I must say!

Hopefully only another 2 coats of trim (which only took me an hour tonight!) and then one more main coat.

The census is really low at the hospital now.  There was only 8 patients on the west side, 7 on the east and 13 on the 4th floor.  That’s it for med-surg patients.  Where are all the sick people?  I’m not complaining.  It was a nice night of work.  Very steady for me.  I started FOUR IV’s!!  Nice.  But notice, I still did not get cancelled even with it being so slow.  The injustice!

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is TWO days away.  Tomorrow I have to get the stuff for my contribution for the meal.

And of course there will be MORE painting 🙂

My sweetie is not feeling too well so I really hope a good night of sleep will help.

Off to have a snack and watch some TV.

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5th time’s a charm?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Got the 4th coat up in the kitchen!

Good news:  It only took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes this time.  We are getting fast at this!

Bad news:  It looks like we probably will need another coat but we are going to wait until tomorrow morning to take a better look after it is dry and it is daylight.  If we do need another coat, then we will need another quart, which will be the 4th quart we will have bought and thus over spent on paint since we could have gotten a gallon for cheaper to start with.  Oh well.  Thus is life.

I am happy to report that the kitchen is definitely looking more bright and cheerful now without the brown showing through so much and washing out the yellow.

And to think, after the walls are done, we still need to do the cabinets!

I’m going to start getting ready for work tonight.  No second walk for Izzy today…very rainy.  I’m crossing my fingers that I MAY be cancelled tonight since I heard from a co-worker that the census is way down.  But I’m not counting on it.  Usually whenever I want to be cancelled, it doesn’t happen.  So if it does, I’ll be happy.  I really don’t mind though if I go in today since it’s only one day and then THREE more off and Thanksgiving on Thursday.  It’s a nice week.

Hard though to believe that by the end of the weekend we will be in December.


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Is there an end in sight???

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The reason why I haven’t posted any pictures of the kitchen is because it’s STILL not done.

The yellow paint is not covering the brown paint very well.  Unfortunately.  For us.  And our tiredness of painting.


I believe we should have done a coat of primer on the walls.  But who were we to know?  We did primer the bedroom and it still needed two coats.  And we haven’t used primer on any of the other rooms (even where we did light gray over pink) and it only needed two coats.

Well, we have done three coats in the kitchen and it needs more coats.  Possibly one.  Maybe even two.  We are getting so good at this routine that it only takes us about two hours to paint it each time.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Live and learn.

And next time prime, even if you don’t think you need to.

By the time Thanksgiving comes I will be extremely thankful that this kitchen is done (hopefully!).

And then we still have the cabinets and the white trim work to do.

I made an executive decision tonight that this will be the last room we paint this year.  We will take a break until January or February for the next one.

Okay, now time to relax for a little bit.  I find that we just get busier and busier.  Our days are filled and it’s just crazy.  I think back to the times when I would sit on the couch and watch TV for hours.  How did that ever happen?

Isn’t it just crazy how things change over time?

Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

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Lights On, Lights Off

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It was lights off tonight when Kimm and I were sitting in the office, both on our computers, and both attempting to use our mini heaters.  All the lights went out!  CRAP.

So we went down to the circuit breaker and tried to get the lights to come back on.   With NO luck.  Other circuits were attempted and the lights for the other rooms upstairs were flickering merrily on and off.  We were not happy.

So what were we to do except call Kimm’s parents?

Lucky for us they are super nice and just drove right over 🙂

Turns out that the circuit that we needed to flip, was not not flipped over hard enough!  Ah, the joys of new homeowners!  So we proceeded to spend the next half hour labeling all of the circuit breakers since they were pretty much all mislabeled!

All the lights are back on now, thankfully.  I guess we just won’t run both of the heaters at the same time in the future.

So, yes, we did do some painting today.  One coat worth.  And we now realize that we probably should have primed the kitchen.  We probably will have to do three coats since the brown is really showing through.  Oh well.  The kitchen is quite hard to do because there are tons of little nooks and crannies!  It took us 2 and 1/2 hours for one coat.

Tomorrow the goal is to do two coats and possibly attempt the cabinet doors.  We shall see.

Eyes are blurry and about to close so I’m closing off as well…

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Ready to start…

Friday, November 20, 2009


All the prep work is done for painting (meaning the caulking and spackling).  However, the sanding of the countertops was a total bust.  We borrowed an electric sander from Kimm’s parents, but unfortunately, the sander did minimal correction to the badly treated butcher block tops.  We tested one spot and basically all the sander did was take off the shiny top coat.  It didn’t get out any of the embedded scratches, which is mostly what I wanted it to do.  Since it was so time intensive (about 10 minutes for only a small area) AND messy (think sawdust EVERYWHERE) I made the executive decision to not do the countertops.  Which I am fine with.  Eventually we will have to get them done (meaning probably something totally new…maybe granite??!!).

But I did go through two tubes of caulk in case you were interested 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  We have to pick up our apple pie in the morning and then check out the wreath sale.  Then paint.  Izzy’s walks as well.  It probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but believe me, everything involved with painting always takes longer than you think.  I should know by now, considering this will be the 5th (!) room we have painted in this house.  I can’t wait for it to look as good as the other rooms look.

This is going to be short because we are off to bed very soon!

Oh, and by the way, I wore a different pair of shoes this morning on my walk which felt wonderful at the beginning of the walk and by the end I had two blisters.  Boo!  Not happy about that. Now that means I’ll be wearing band-aids for quite a while 😦

I’m so excited about tomorrow…can you tell?!

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