Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today is OFFICIALLY the first day of fall!

Happy 1st day of fall to everyone 🙂

It’s a beautiful day here in Massachusetts.  Temp in the 70s, with a cool breeze.  I opened up all the windows in the house this morning to air everything out.  I LOVE the smell of fresh air.

Hard to believe but I have to start getting ready for work in a little over an hour.  Before that comes Izzy’s second walk of the day.  I believe her walks are tiring her out 🙂  She definitely has her little routine down…up in the morning, a walk, food, and then a long rest on the couch.  It really is too funny.

And PROGRESS!  Both cats are upstairs today.  Charlie is no longer hiding out in the basement!  He is curled up on the bed, in his old spot.  I’m so happy.  Now this is not to say that there is friendship between all the animals…rather, I think the cats are tired of the basement.  So they are venturing up. Which is good.

Looking forward to “chicken” parm tonight before work.  And probably a little sliver of fudge for dessert!

I love fall for so many reasons…the changing of the leaves (which is ALREADY happening here!), the crisp air, autumn decorations (scarecrows, and geraniums, and pumpkins), smelling people burning leaves, the crunch of dried, fallen leaves underfoot, warm soups on a chilly night, and definitely caramel apples!

What do you like about fall?

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