Night Out

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It feels SO nice to have a day off!

Tonight we had a night out, courtesy of Kimm’s parents.  They took us out to eat at The Olive Garden 🙂

Of course there was good food.  Kimm and I got our usual, the Five Cheese Baked Ziti.  Yum.  We all shared a smoked mozzarella appetizer.  It was good, but I’m not a huge fan of smoked cheese.  But the two bites I had were good.  Then of course the salad with that tasty Italian dressing and the garlic breadsticks with the Alfredo sauce–oh my goodness.

I tried to be REALLY good.  I had two small slices of bread with the smoked mozzarella, one helping of salad, two breadsticks, about 1/8 of the ziti dish.  And I felt pretty good.  Not too stuffed.  But then came dessert!  I got the chocolate torte–a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of chocolate cheesecake, a layer of vanilla cream, and a layer of chocolate ganache.  It was SO GOOD.

After that I was stuffed.

I was going to get on the scale tomorrow morning, but I think I’ll wait until later in the week 🙂

After eating that big meal, I got really tired.  In fact I just got up from a nap with Izzy on the couch.  We were both passed out.

Update:  The emergency vet place thought perhaps Izzy has a UTI or maybe some incontinence issues.  They took a urinalysis but put her on some antibiotics as a precaution.  Izzy has been on antibiotics for a day and a half now.  The emergency vet place never called with the result of her urinalysis so I’ll have to call tomorrow.  But already she seems a lot better.  Less leaking.  More spunk.  She still does breath awful heavy though, even at rest.  I’ll be glad to have the regular vet see her on Friday.

But she’s made great strides with everything else.  She automatically sits when going outside and before getting her meals.  She did much better on her walk this morning–only pulling on the leash a bit.  She’s learning.  Madeline is getting more curious of her and will come up from the basement and stare at her from the kitchen.  Charlie is still pretty scared.  But I give them both loving in the basement so that they don’t feel left out.

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to have a full day of relaxing.  Getting up and having coffee.  Going for our walks with Izzy.  Doing a few errands.  Maybe watching a movie.  It seems like forever since I’ve had a lazy day.

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