New Garage Door…almost

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It was an early morning. ¬†But I was able to get a little bit better sleep last night since I slept upstairs in my bed ūüôā

Kimm is still working the couch!

We were up early because the garage door people came at 9:30 am.  Or at least they were supposed to come at 9:30 am, but they pulled in at 9 am.  Good thing we were up.

We used Atlas Overhead Door Company and I was pretty happy with them.

Everything was going fine…I was periodically checking in on them, I had told them to knock on the door if there was anything they needed. ¬†When they were done (about three hours later), I went to take a final look. ¬†The garage door was up at that point. ¬†I’m SO glad that I took the time to put the garage door down. ¬†Because right smack dab in the middle of one of the windows was a wide metal bar that was attached to the actual operating system of the opener. ¬†Aesthetically it was ugly and I noticed it right away.

So I tried to remain calm and I asked the guy if it was possible to move it over to “in between” the two windows. ¬†He said probably but that it would take about an hour or so and that it would cost extra (of course, doesn’t everything cost extra!) ¬†I asked him for a quick estimate, nothing that I would hold him to, and he said about $125 maybe.

So they left and I called to speak to the company.  Honestly I felt like they should have realized that a metal bar showing right through a window would not look good.  Men!

I mean, I wouldn’t have even gotten windows if I knew it was going to look like that. ¬†Supposedly they said it was because the door is an odd shape (1 1/2 car garage vs. 1 or 2). ¬†That’s fine, but I still think that when they saw the metal was going to show right through the window they should have called the owner and asked his advice, and if it was going to cost more they could have at least made me aware that the bar was going to be in a noticeable spot and if I wanted it moved I would need to pay more…then I could have at least made a decision about it!

Here’s a pic…I know it’s not hugely obvious, BUT to me it was, AND I was putting out a good chunk of money for the door and I wanted it to look it’s best.

So I had to leave a message asking them to call back.  The owner of the company finally called back about 2:30 pm and after describing the problem, he said it could be fixed and we set up a time for him to come tomorrow.  He said he was going to charge $75 which in my eyes will be worth it.

So now tomorrow will be very tiresome for me since I have to work tonight and then I’ll have to be up to deal with the garage door person tomorrow. ¬†I can’t wait for bed!

My only hope is that I put in for 1st cancel…but that generally never works. ¬†The hospital doesn’t like to cancel ICU nurses JUST IN CASE we get additional patients. ¬†So if we don’t have any patients, then we get floated. ¬†Fun, huh?

Anyways, here are some pictures showcasing the progression of our new garage door…

Before (love the sun shining down!)…

After (absolutely LOVE the colonial windows we choose…they really dress up the door!)…

I can’t WAIT until tomorrow when that metal bar is gone…then I’ll be REALLY happy with this door ūüôā

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