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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I ACTUALLY picked up overtime this week.  Thus says the girl who has maybe picked up a handful of days since I’ve started nursing!  It always SEEMS like a nice idea…work a little extra, get paid more 🙂  But by the time my days off come, I REALLY want them.  So I usually pass.

However, this week, a co-worker is on vacation and there were several days posted.  I had happened to already be working a three-day weekend (UGH) because I switched to help another co-worker and then I just said, “if I do it for one week, I’ll get the horribleness of being so tired and not having time off to relax all over with in one week, AND at the same time I’ll be earning more money than if I would just pick up a day of overtime here and there.”   I guess I must have convinced myself because…

I did it.  I signed up for yesterday night, 11-7 pm, which I went in for.  I love working 8 hour shifts because they seem so SHORT (when compared to a 12 hour shift).  Plus, hopefully the patients mostly sleep, but if you’ve ever worked in a hospital, you know that rarely happens 🙂

Anyways, it was a not so bad night for me (even though one of my co-workers was wicked busy…I did help a lot, but thankfully didn’t have ALL the responsibility).

Came home this morning and went straight to bed because Charlie and Madeline had vet appointments today at 2pm.

They seem pretty good overall, although they are both losing weight without us aggressively trying to help them lose weight.  Which is concerning to the doc.  Madeline especially–she lost 1.6 pounds this last year, for a total of 2.4 pounds in the last two years.  That’s a lot.  She actually weighs LESS than Charlie now.  Charlie lost 0.8 pounds.  So the doc is thinking, ?? hyperthyroidism possibly.  But he’s not sure.  I’m pretty sure Charlie is fine, but Madeline is ALWAYS hungry.  Like we feed her and in a half hour, she’s hungry again!  So maybe.  So the next step is blood work.  EXPENSIVE blood work.  It’s going to be close to $175 for each cat to be tested.  Oye!

Good thing I picked up overtime yesterday.  I also signed up for tonight 11-7 pm and will call at 9:15 to see if they still need me.  There is ALSO a shift on Friday night available as well.  Yikes, if I do that, it will be 24 hours of OT this week, 20 hours of which will be time and a half.  But I’m getting ahead of myself for now….it’s just the thought of that paycheck that makes me giddy 🙂

Izzy goes to the vet next month…I’m hoping all is well with her and she won’t be so expensive!

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