Start of a long stretch…and Friday Favorites #12

Friday, August 10, 2012

It’s a three-day work weekend.

I’m pulling up my big girl pants and planning to just barrel through it!

Enjoy my favorites from around the web this week!


Favorite alcoholic sip… Doesn’t this Sangria look absolutely delicious…I would love to sit on the porch and chat with friends while enjoying this refreshing drink!


Favorite DIY inspiration…I totally have extra toilet roll tubes and this creative wall painting looks super easy and I love the unique look of the design!


Favorite sweet treat…the combo of sugar cookies and strawberries looks so yummy in these Strawberry and Cream Bars!


Favorite intriguing article…reading The Positive Power of Negative Thinking really got me thinking…I always aim to think positively, thinking that’s the best way to approach life, but this article brings up several thought-provoking points…positive thinking tends to lean into the future, ignoring present pleasures…positive thinking can sometimes be stressful as it strains to avoid any negativity, and perhaps it is best to sit with an emotion, whether good or bad.  I’m going to think more on this…I think as the article states, it’s all about balance…however, I think ultimately focusing on the positive can bring more joy to your life…we all know there is plenty of negative to focus on and that can often lead to a “well, why even try?” attitude…at least with positivity, there is always another chance!

Favorite peanut butter dessert…I could definitely dive into this Sloppy Peanut Butter Pie!


Favorite tip to pare down…by switching ALL your hangers backward in your closet and only switching them to the forward position AFTER you’ve worn an item, you’ll visually know which clothes you don’t wear and won’t feel nervous paring down!  What a simple, ingenious idea!


Favorite cupcake…these Peaches ‘n’ Cream Cupcakes look so moist and flavorful!


Favorite animal-loving post…another reason why I’m glad I don’t eat meat…Emily of Daily Garnish visited Pigs Peace Sanctuary, a non-profit establishment providing a safe haven for abused, neglected, or abandoned pigs…seeing these gentle animals in a safe environment really touched me.


Favorite summery drink…this Watermelon Slush looks refreshing!  I could totally go for it, especially with all these hot, humid days we’ve been having.


Favorite cleaning tip…I HATE when my cooking pans get a layer of oily gunk on them…I’ve tried EVERYTHING I could think of to get them nice again and have just ended up buying more pans and having the same thing happen…now there is a potential solution to make old pans shine again!!!  I HAVE to try this!


Favorite pie…bananas are really not my favorite fruit, or even in my top favorite (I know, who am I??), but this Banana Cream Pie makes me want to have a slice!  Especially with a Nilla Cream wafer crust…mmmm!


Favorite Mexican-inspired meal…I love an easy-peasy casserole…as long as I swap out the beef for veggie burgers, this Taco Pasta Bake is going to make my fall rotation!


Favorite mix-it-up exercise idea…I LOVE the idea of creating unique exercise routines with this Pinterest-inspired idea…the Popsicle Stick  Workout Jar.


Favorite pizza…no explanation required…pizza IS my favorite meal and this Copy-Cat Papa Murphy’s Vegetarian Pizza with Creamy Garlic Sauce looks yummy!


Favorite non-toxic household cleanerOrange Infused Vinegar…I love the idea of cleaning with vinegar, but detest the smell…this solves the problem.


Favorite quick and easy breakfast treatNo-Yeast Required Cinnamon Rolls!


Favorite words for teens…SO TRUE…I wish that every teen could read this letter…


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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