Thursday, August 30, 2012

All I can say is….WOW!!!

When you really put your mind to something, good things can happen 🙂

This month, with our budgeting, we were able to save OVER $1000!!!!!!

This month I did receive five paychecks (happens about 3 times a year, and ALWAYS helps!) and I did work 12 hours overtime one week.

But…I also called out sick one night, received reduced pay due to vacation pay one week, and also used 8 hours of personal time.

Things that helped us save this month as well…

–NO TARGET 🙂  That place just pulls you to spend money.  It’s so true what they say…if you don’t see something, you are not drawn to want it!

–less driving and thus less gas money

–getting stuff from our garden and Kimm’s parents garden

–Kimm having her surgery…she was eating less for a bit, and not drinking coffee

I can’t believe that we were able to save so  much…ESPECIALLY considering we spent over $500 on our animals this month…the cats had their yearly visit and needed blood work.

So far since we have really tried, we have put aside close to $2000 to our emergency fund.

AND we have continued to “Pay Us First”–only for two months so far (1% the first month, 2% the second month, and I’m going for 3% next month).

I’m SO excited!!!!!

Anyways…today was basically a catch up day….laundry, baking (zucchini bread, blueberry sauce), paying bills.

BTW…the muscle relaxants helped Kimm (and me!) tremendously.  Kimm had her first GOOD night’s sleep since her surgery.  I took a muscle relaxant as well since I’ve had this pain in my upper back for months now.   When I woke up in the morning my entire body was sore from mowing the lawn, but that spot in my back…the pain was gone!!  It only leads me to believe that I possibly had a muscle spasm that just would not go away with Ibuprofen or rest.  Yay muscle relaxants!!!!

I can’t believe that this month is almost over…Labor Day this weekend and then on to a new month…crazy.



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