Oh what a day!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh, I’m tired, but feeling mighty accomplished!

Since I knew this was my only full day off this week and that our morning was going to be packed full of doctor’s appointments tomorrow, I had to bust my butt and GET THINGS DONE.

And I surely delivered 🙂

Kimm had to go for the house inspection today.  As soon as she left, I was in GO mode.

This is what I accomplished today:

–vacuumed EVERYTHING (took an hour and I was DRIPPING sweat…quite a workout!)

–cleaned the upstairs bath (finally can cross that off my list)

–four loads of laundry (never-ending as we all know)

–two sinks of dishes (lunch and dinner)

–balanced checkbook and paid bills

–went over monthly budget for July to see where we ended up…another month in the black!!!  We saved about $160 this last month…doesn’t seem like a lot, BUT…we had the water/sewer bill and our anniversary taking up more money and we STILL managed to save.  This makes me SO INCREDIBLY happy…I was seriously in shock.  So now, since we have consciously decided to save money and have a more strict budget we have been able to save about $850 (since May!!!).  AND the best part is, we have all that money moved over to an Emergency Fund so it’s not tempting us in the regular checking account!  AND we’ve also been “paying ourselves first” for the first time ever (last month it was 1% of our income, this month I’ve upped it to 2% and I’m going to up it to 3% next month as long as we are still saving money!).  AND we have started using our credit cards that offer points for gift cards this last month (paying them off in full each month) so that our money will work FOR US…we will be earning points every time we spend!  Ahh…this makes me SO happy!!!

–watered the garden

–made veggie stir-fry for dinner (YUMM!!)

–did a weigh in (yep, I finally weighed in this month and let me tell you…I was NOT happy…really need to get back into “lose weight” mode.  I decided I’m going to try to make small changes weekly that I can incorporate into habits….this first week involves two things: drink more water (two large bottles a day–I’ve already been drinking one/day) and to reduce my flavored creamer down to 2 TBSPs rather than three (I need less SUGAR in my diet and I’m hoping I can train my taste buds to want it less).  I’ll be weighing in weekly.  I have a numerical goal to lose this month and I’m going to reward myself if I get it…so let’s go!

Okay…so that was all as far as getting stuff done.

I also managed to fit in some fun things too…

I talked to my mom, I read some blogs, I went for a ride with Kimm to pick up her lock-box from her client’s condo that is closing TOMORROW (finally a sale!!), stopped for a soft-serve on the ride home (Izzy even got an ice cream treat which she FULLY enjoyed!).

Now my eyes are so heavy, bed will be a treat!

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