Weeds be gone!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


There are far too many around the exterior of the house to photograph to show you!

Considering that one of my goals was to try to keep up with the outside weeding this summer, I completely failed.

Several reasons…hot/humid weather during the day, buggy at night, and not to mention, it’s not my favorite task 😦

But I’ve been looking at the flowers I put around the mailbox every time I get the mail and it was driving me crazy…TONS of weeds.  So every day I would put “weed flowers” on my “to do” list and every day I would move that task to the next day…probably for a good month or more!  What a procrastinator.

Anyways, today I finally decided it WAS going to get done.

Here’s the before


WOW…even worse than I thought!

After an hour of work, some moving around of plants (the petunias had to come out…they were pretty much dead), LOTS of sweat, you have the after

MUCH better!  Hopefully my marigolds don’t go into shock from being replanted.

How’s the patient doing?

Also MUCH better.  In fact, she ate her first REAL meal tonight 🙂

A salad of garden cucumbers and tomatoes, with croutons and Italian dressing.  Cheesy pasta for the main course.  And ice cream with strawberries for dessert!  The swallowing is really coming along.

Not much relief as far as symptoms go in her arms yet, but we know that may take quite a while.  Just glad that she is finally starting to feel better.  The pain meds are down to every six hours instead of every four hours.  She’s taking walks in the house.  She’s on the computer again…yep, I think she’s truly on the mend now!

Here’s what the incision looks like at this point…I can’t wait to see how it looks when they remove the steri-strips on Wed.

The nights are changing…starting to get dark BEFORE 8 pm 😦  Fall is on it’s way…




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