Simple Things, A to Z

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally a day to completely relax 🙂

Can you tell I’m happy!

I’m SO glad that I decided to NOT work any more overtime this week…I really needed some time to refresh.

Today has been lovely so far…

…slept in and then coffee and computer time, with a little treat–a small slice of the chocolate chip zucchini bread I made yesterday…turned out good…it’s amazing what a properly working oven will do!

I also made home-made blueberry syrup and strawberry syrup.  SO simple and SO good…for each syrup all I did was 2 cups fruit, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water…bring to boil on stove…boil for about 5-10 minutes.  Can’t wait to have that on pancakes for lunch tomorrow!

I watched the Women’s Team Gymnastics on On Demand…so happy I was able to see it all…Kimm told me that most of the Olympics are still on On Demand so even though I was a work-a-holic during most of the Olympics, I can still see the parts I really wanted to see.  Cross-stitched the entire time it was on.

Then for lunch we had a zucchini dish that our neighbor brought over for us last night…so tasty…it was sliced zucchini, eggs, cheese, onions, garlic…and maybe some Bisquick??  Very good.

And now I’m catching up on reading and writing blogs!

I saw this survey on a few blogs this week and thought it was fun…

Simple Things (that bring me joy!)

A–apples…I love to snack on a crisp Red Delicious apple on the way home from work.  I also love a tart Granny Smith, slathered with some peanut butter.

B–books.  I LOVE to read 🙂   Some of my absolute favorites include…Firefly Lane, Doctors, Tipping the Velvet, My Sister’s Keeper, and Sarah’s Key.  And as much as I like technology, I STILL prefer the look, the feel, and the smell…the entire experience…of reading an actual book, not flipping through pages on a Kindle.

C–cooking.  I LOVE to cook good food.  I enjoy the entire process…planning meals, buying the ingredients, making the meal, and of course enjoying the end result!

D–dessert!  To me, no evening meal is complete without a small treat.  All-time favorites include ice cream, cheesecake, home-made cookies…budget desserts include brownies and rice crispie treats.

E–eating…I wish my waist did not reflect this, but I truly enjoy eating…it’s a fun experience and food just tastes SO GOOD!  I hope I never lose my appetite!

F–fur-babies…Madeline, Charlie and Izzy bring me so much happiness…I love laughing at their cute antics and cuddling up with them when they allow!

G–grocery shopping.  There is something I find oddly fun about wandering the aisles, finding what’s on my list and also some awesome deals.  And I really love coming home, unloading all the food, putting it away, and realizing that even though we scrimp a lot, we are also so extremely lucky to be able to eat so well.

H–holidays…I really love celebrating all the holidays…I already can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I–ice cream.  My faves include Haagen Daas Caramel Cone, Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Shortcake and Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.  Close runner ups are Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, and What a Cluster.  I also love a good soft-serve!

J–jelly.  I love the Polaner All-Fruit variety…have it every morning on my English muffin…blueberry is the number one fave, then strawberry and raspberry.

K–Kimm 🙂  She is a partner in every way and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

L–lists!  I am never far from a list I’ve created, whether it be for shopping, “to do,” home/self improvements, and oh so much more…I LOVE the satisfaction of planning things out and then even more, crossing them off!

M–movies 🙂  Kimm and I love to hunker down on the couch most nights with our respective bowls of popcorn and watch a flick.  My favorites include…The Shawshank Redemption, Bride Wars, Ever After, Legally Blonde, and Taken.

N–night time…especially dusk…there is something very calming about the world getting ready to rest.  I absolutely love this time of night, sitting on the front porch, or taking a ride in the car.

O–organizing.  Even though lots of my stuff still needs organizing, I love taking a little bit of time and organizing.  It just makes me feel so much more relaxed when everything has it’s own beautiful and practical place!

P–popcorn!  There is no snack that can compare to home-popped kernels, covered in butter and salt…

Q–quiet time.  As much as I like to get together with people and hang out, I totally need and appreciate my quiet time each night.

R–reading…whether it be books, blogs, magazines…I really enjoy to read.  Number one activity.

S–sleep!  I SO appreciate getting a full 8+ hours of sleep as it rarely happens.  But I love the feeling of hitting the pillow and falling asleep immediately because I’m so exhausted, and the feeling of waking up fully rested.

T–TV series…there have been so many great ones that we have followed…Gilmore Girls, Queer as Folk, Reba, Boston Legal, Dawson’s Creek, The L Word, Weeds, Ellen, Lost, Will and Grace…to name a few!

U–utilizing tips from everywhere…I love being able to take advantage of life experiences from blogs, books. magazines, TV, friends, family, co-workers…finding ways to make our life easier and more comfortable, especially if it can be done on a budget…this brings me unmeasureable joy.

V–vacation.  I truly love having a week long stretch off from work…even when most of the time I don’t go anywhere…it’s just nice to know I have time to myself, to do what I want without that pesky work getting in the way 🙂

W–water.  I would have to say that I love to drink water now.  I NEVER thought  I would be that person…I always used to prefer soda to water.  But now, I drink water with all my meals except breakfast and I love it…so refreshing.   I also love to take a dip in the water at the beach…one of my FAVORITE summertime activities 🙂

X–x-ray…Kimm’s initial test that showed no broken bones when she fell…brought a high measure of relief (even though we were pretty sure there was nothing broken)

Y–yogurt (mixed with granola and honey)…a new favorite snack!

Z–zoning out.  Having time where I can just do whatever I want, think whatever I want, just VEG.  It’s nice to be able to make the time to do that every once in a while and NOT feel guilty about it!

Well, that was actually a bit lot more challenging than I originally thought it would be (especially U, X, Y, and Z!).  But when I look back at the list, it really does hit the highlights of my life 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

It’s tacos for dinner, relaxing after and then another movie…a GOOD night in my eyes.

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