The Day After

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well, Kimm is feeling just a tad bit worse today.

By tad I mean…A WHOLE LOT.

It’s hard to even believe that she was able to eat crackers and a small slice of pizza yesterday night after the surgery.  Today, just plain swallowing is extremely painful.  Everything must be much more swollen inside.

It’s been a day of Percocet-induced sleep.  Which I guess is kind of good when you feel like crap.

I did manage to get SOME nutrition into her…a shake made with 1/2 a frozen banana, a good scoop of vanilla ice cream, two large spoonfuls of peanut butter, and some coconut milk.

I had wonderful meals today…I felt a bit guilty but it was so good…grilled cheese with veggies/dip for lunch, a tortilla “pizza” for dinner–with onions, red pepper, and broccoli…cucumber/tomato/crouton salad on the side, yogurt/granola/honey for dessert.

I just tried to keep busy today…cleaned both bathrooms, did the dishes, scheduled Kimm’s post-op appt for next week, jump started Kimm’s car to move it (or I should say had AAA come to jump start the car since the doors would not even open with keys)–our new garage door is being put in on Thursday!

Kimm is still pretty out of it and having a tough time, so I called out of work.  Hard to believe, but I haven’t even called out of work this entire year yet.

It was a beautiful day…love the lack of humidity and keeping the windows open.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for Kimm…my plan is to get her up and walking outside for a bit and more tasty shakes to keep her energy up!

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