Day off :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I finally have a day off 🙂

Although I did not stay for my full 8 hours of overtime last night…I was sent home at 3 am since the ER was fairly slow.  So now instead of having 16 hours of OT, I only have 12.  Hmmm….it’s making going in Friday night for the last available OT look mighty tempting.   But we shall see.

By the time I got home this morning it was close to 4 am.  I didn’t want to wake up Kimm so I sat on the couch, had a cup of coffee (my first in about 5 days!), and watched an episode of Bunheads.  And then I slept.  When Kimm got up at 8 am, I headed up to bed and slept some more until noon.

Then I was up for the day.

Today was all about catching up on laundry and preparing my grocery list.  Four loads done and list done.  Tomorrow will consist of grocery shopping, balancing the checkbook/paying bills, and hopefully relaxing a bit before work.

We’re about to watch the new Restaurant Impossible 🙂

BTW, if anyone was wondering what the new “meatballs” by Morningstar Farm (soy product)…they are NASTY tasting.  So disappointing since we LOVE their Griller’s Original veggie burgers and I love the Spicy Black Bean burger.   Won’t be getting that again…good thing we had a little Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream to wash away the horrible taste.

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