DETOX {Day 10}

Friday, October 10, 2014

Eeekkk!  5 pm already…WHERE does the time go???

Another day passes by in an instant.

Up by 7 am, walk with Kimm and Izzy, home for breakfast.

Breakfast — smoothie (banana, peaches, spinach, soy milk)…delicious as usual!

Some time on the computer checking a few blogs, then a nice phone call with my parents….already time for lunch.

Lunch — the rest of my black bean soup…especially good today because I’m COLD (still no heat on in the house…we are holding out…temp 64 when we got up, now 68…still chilly), also some hummus with a carrot and a couple of grape tomatoes (I attempted to fix my thick hummus by thinning it out with some more lemon juice and water…it definitely got thinner!  hopefully not too thin…I’m not really sure I’m digging the tahini flavor…I do have a roasted red pepper I’m going to add for the next fix…I’m DETERMINED to make good homemade hummus!), some pumpkin seeds for “dessert”

Watched an episode of The Fosters during lunch…SO good.

Then it was off to do the grocery shopping.  Kimm did the lawn and seeded the new grass by the new driveway…it took her a long time since there were so many stones in the dirt.  We’re both crossing our fingers that the grass comes up.

Dinner — roasted potatoes (with olive oil, salt, pepper), roasted asparagus (with olive oil, salt, pepper), roasted carrots (with olive oil and a dill seasoning mix) (first time ever roasting carrots and they were GOOD!), salad (with spinach, red leaf lettuce, carrots, celery, green pepper, red onion, radish, sunflower seeds with a dressing of olive oil/water/red wine vinegar/Dijon mustard/salt/pepper)…it was a good meal and I was full after it.

Then I had to attack the mountain of dishes that I created all day…seriously…35 minutes to get those suckers done!

Shower and now I’m going to watch Survivor.

Snack — avocado with salt, corn tortilla chips with salsa

I’m REALLY hoping tonight is a good night.

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