DETOX {Day 15}

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WOW…this month is half over…so hard to believe.

It was SO NICE to wake up after sleeping wonderfully during the night!!!

A glorious morning walk started the day…the fall colors are gorgeous right now.

Breakfast — smoothie (banana, strawberry, spinach, soy milk)

It was a great day to just be lazy and relax.

I filled my time with reading blogs, knitting, reading a book, and napping!

I also made a new recipe for lunch…I just love exploring in the kitchen 🙂

Lunch — Sweet Potato Risotto with the rest of my green beans and chopped almonds

More of the same after lunch…

Snack — apple, spoonful of cashew butter

A second walk of the day…VERY humid.

Dinner — Open faced quesadillas again with brown rice on the side…so good.

Now I’m reading more blogs (I’m SO behind) and getting ready to get into something comfy…TV on the couch is coming up…we on to Blacklist

Snack — I know it’ll be popcorn!  (and maybe an apple…or some pumpkin seeds)


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