DETOX {Day 5}

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I have truly enjoyed my two days off 🙂

Today was busy, as usual, but in a good way.   We finally got to take a morning walk together with Izzy…there was sun!  So nice not to wake up to gray and rain.  After breakfast I cleaned the bathrooms (0ne of those dreaded chores that you don’t look forward to doing, but once they are done you are so happy with the results).  And then I was finally able to enjoy my Dancing with the Stars episodes from this week…I loved watching them!  I’m so happy that even without cable I can still watch this show (even though I am always a week behind!…thank goodness no one else I know really watches it so I don’t get surprised with who got voted off).   The afternoon was taken up with our end of the month finance meeting…I was happy to see that even though it was a tough month, we were still able to save something.  Next month should be much better…it’s a five paycheck month and with my co-worker on vacation for two weeks and my picking up extra days, the paychecks will be a little bit heftier!  It was so nice out we took another walk and then cooked dinner together which was SO NICE!  We hardly ever do this and I have to say, I really enjoyed it!  Kimm did what she does best…stir 🙂  Not really, she helped with everything, but it’s an inside joke!  I made her wear an old apron of ours so that she wouldn’t get anything on her clothes…another bad habit of ours…stirring too aggressively.  We made a new recipe to us…Stuffed Peppers…they turned out pretty good…we still want to adjust the seasonings a bit as it was too tomato-y for our tastes.  The best part of the night was sitting down together on the couch and watching The Fosters (still loving that show).

What I ate:

Breakfast — smoothie

Snack — almonds

Lunch — salad, veggies and hummus, grapes, pumpkin seeds

Dinner — one stuffed pepper, spoonful of almond butter

Snack — popcorn, apple

Still feeling okay on the detox…bring on tomorrow!


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