DETOX {Day 3}

Friday, October 3, 2014

3rd day almost done and I feel okay.  Although this morning I was feeling awful.  During the 8am meeting I started feeling very strange…achy, tingly, like I was getting the flu.  I drove home and crawled into bed after taking 2 Tylenol and 2 Vit C.  I couldn’t even look at my phone before I fell asleep (which I normally ALWAYS do), but I just felt so crappy.  I eventually fell asleep, but didn’t sleep all that well.  I was up early to take Izzy to the vet…again.  She has some kind of growth on her rear rump, almost looked like something that could be pulled out, so I tried with the tweezers, with no luck.  But she’s been licking and licking and licking it so much.  The vet said today he’s not sure what it is, maybe a skin tag, but the main goal now is to get her to stop licking the area so it doesn’t develop into a true hot spot or get infected.  Our plan…Tobasco sauce!  (on the hair next to the area, not the actual irritated area).  We shall see how this works.

Food at work…almonds, cashews, smoothie, apple

Snack before vet..cashews

Dinner…corn tortillas with refried beans, sauteed onions and green peppers, brown rice on the side, apple

Snack for tonight…another smoothie, popcorn popped in olive oil with salt

We are really loving The Fosters on Netflix…time to get a few more episodes in!

Big plans for tomorrow — grocery shopping, cleaning the toilets, reading, catching up on DWTS and Survivor.

So HAPPY to have tonight off 🙂

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