DETOX {Day 7}

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Only one more night of work left!  Actually the past two nights went by fairly quickly and easily…I’m actually getting a little LESS tired when at work than I normally do (at least I think that I am!)  So far no caffeine pills!!

Still loving my Chocolate Cherry Smoothie (aka “THE BLACK SMOOTHIE OF DEATH”  🙂

Okay…here’s my eats…

12 am — 1/3 of my smoothie

3:30 am — rest of my smoothie and the remainder of my rice mixture from the stuffed peppers (prob about 1 cup)

7 am — 1/4 cup almonds

Ride home — apple

Before bed — spoonful of cashew butter

Dinner — ENCHILADAS!!  (very good…definitely will be making again during detox…corn tortillas stuffed with black beans, onions, salsa, sautéed onions, covered in enchilada sauce…I really didn’t miss the cheese that much at all or the sour cream I usually use), for dessert a banana with almond butter (I actually had this last night after dinner too…first time ever trying this blogger favorite and I have to say…I really like it!)

Snack tonight — do I even have to say  🙂 …popcorn and some grapes

Only one more night of work then two off…this makes me happy!  What does not make me too happy is a dark house by 6 pm!

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