Positive for Strep

Monday, May 9, 2011

So even though I THOUGHT I was on the mend yesterday, I started not feeling so good again after being at work for a while.  I had to work in the ED for the first four hours (with my OWN assignment, thank you!) and then back to ICU…assisted the doc putting in a TLC and got my patient settled and then seriously felt horrible…could hardly swallow and when I did felt like I was in excruciating pain.  I did get a rapid strep test done in the ER (as an outpatient to avoid the co-pay, and it was negative).  I finally called the supervisor at 3 am and asked to go home since it was pretty slow…she said fine and so I was out of there by 3:30.  I was in such pain that I was crying on the way home.  I decided to take a Percocet when I got home to see if that helped with the pain and of course it did not…I still clenched every time I swallowed, but I was a bit loopy while doing it 🙂

I set my alarm and called my doctor and thankfully was able to get in at 3:45.  Kimm and I drove up there and I told her my symptoms and she wanted to do another rapid strep test…even though I told her I had one done and it was negative…she said that sometimes they can be inaccurate or change quickly.  And so she did one and it was…POSITIVE.  So now I’m on penicillin…500 mg, three times a day for 10 days.  And she recommended not going to work until I was on the antibiotics for 24 hours as I was still contagious (sorry everyone I was in contact with yesterday!)

So I did some research on strep and this is what I found:

Most common symptoms–fever that begins suddenly and is often highest on second day (hello…feverish on Friday, high temp on Saturday); sudden, severe sore throat; red, swollen tonsils; chills; general ill feeling; tender, swollen lymph nodes in the neck; difficulty swallowing; fatigue; most often NOT accompanied by cold symptoms

Rapid strep tests are often unreliable if negative and if symptoms are present a throat culture should be obtained

Antibiotics reduce the duration and severity of symptoms and also shorten the period when one is contagious–which can be up to three weeks if not treated with antibiotics (after 24 hours of being on antibiotics you are no longer contagious)

I can’t remember if I’ve EVER been on antibiotics (maybe when I had my wisdom teeth out in high school??)

Anyways, I called out of work for tonight and plan on resting since I got minimal sleep the last few nights and today.  Can’t wait to start feeling better.

Plan for tonight…CSI and some ice cream.

BTW…wouldn’t you know it…I go home early yesterday and then there is a code on our floor.  I tell you, I’m lucky for the patients…when I am there, no codes.

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