Thursday, May 26, 2011

This month is flying by.  After this weekend, we’ll be into June.

And thus the hot, humid weather begins!

We have plans to put our air conditioner in the bedroom tomorrow.  Temps are supposed to climb up into the upper 80s and even up to the 90s by the end of the weekend.  And even this week has been so STICKY.

I feel like I actually did some learning today.  It’s great being an adult and learning for learning’s sake–either because you want to know the information for something you need to do or just because you WANT TO KNOW.  So much better than just learning (and then forgetting!) miscellaneous facts during school.

Anyways, I learned a little bit more about itunes today.  I have been importing some music into my library and I noticed that some of my songs/cds did not have album art associated with it, which was DRIVING my anal self CRAZY 🙂  So I did some investigating on the itunes help and found out how to import album art that I found on the internet.  Cool, huh?  It was for me.  A good sense of accomplishment.

And then I have been re-reading/taking notes from my old nutrition textbook.  Seriously that stuff is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING to me today since I want to eat healthy and I want to know how food works in my body.

Tonight we are planning a movie (the third and last of “The Girl Who…” series) and of course let’s not forget popcorn 🙂

I will try to forget that starting tomorrow I have to work three days in a row.

At least we were invited to a grill out at Kimm’s parents on Monday so I have that to look forward to.

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