Fever and EXTREMELY Sore Throat

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today was pretty much a bust.

I slept okay during the night but then woke up feeling awful.  The whole chills and fever (101.3) and sore throat.

I don’t understand why I have another sore throat.  It is so sore I dread swallowing, even my saliva.

Our only trip out today was to go to Walgreens  and I bought some sore throat spray which did NOTHING.  TOTAL WASTE of $7….GRRRRR.

I’ve just been drinking lots of water and resting.  The majority of the day was spent on the couch.

Wow, what a great two days off.

And if I feel the same tomorrow, I’m sure I will not be heading to Kimm’s parents to celebrate Mother’s Day and birthdays.  Hopefully I’ll be okay for work tomorrow.  If I feel the same maybe I’ll have the doc in the ER look at my throat.

Gonna go watch more Nurse Jackie and then head to bed.

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