Burning Eyes

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For some reason today I’ve been extra tired!

My eyes were burning when I woke up (I didn’t want to get up!) and now they are burning again (SO ready for bed!)

Anyways, I feel like I had a fairly productive day.

It was weird, today KIMM was actually out at the office, and I was at home 🙂  A change of routine.  While she was gone I washed the sheets (love the scent of freshly washed sheets) and called an old friend.

When Kimm came home we ate an early dinner (can I just say I am LOVING pickles on my veggie burger now…takes it to a whole new level of flavor).  Afterwards we headed to the library to drop off and pick up books.  Then a trip to Savers to see if we would be lucky with clothes.  And we were!  Two shirts (one t-shirt, one polo) for me and five shirts (3 polos for work and 2 t-shirts) and 1 pair of work pants for Kimm.  I spent $8, Kimm spent $29.  Not bad I would say.  We also picked up a new sheet for covering the orange chair in the office…somehow the other one got a huge rip in it (I think it started as a small rip in the washing machine which turned into a large rip when Izzy kept re-arranging herself on the chair).  That was only $4–again a steal!

So quite a nice day.  Ready for a snack and some TV to unwind before bed.

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