AC In.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Well, we tried to hold out, but we succumbed.  With temps in the upper 80s and humidity above 80%, the air conditioner in the bedroom was put in today.

I’m so glad too because last night was horrible to sleep.  The temp in the room was 79 degrees, and hot and sticky to boot (we have ceiling fans that heat so they always tell us the temp of the room and the desired temp in case you were wondering how I could be so precise on the temp!)

So tomorrow when I come home from working I’ll be able to walk into a cool bedroom and sleep sound 🙂

Izzy will be so happy too–we took her on a walk today and she was WIPED out…breathing super fast when we got back.  Last year after her walks she was used to being able to escape to the coolness of the AC in the bedroom (we always turn it off during the day, but with the curtains and doors closed it stays cool).

Today flew by as usual…they always do.

Managed to hit the grocery store and the gym though so I feel like the day was a success.

Also had the “bee guys” come again to spray since we have had a couple more yellow jackets in the house and hovering around the windows.  For $250 they guarantee their work and for that money, I’ll call to make sure there are no bees!

Off to get dinner ready.

For everyone who is enjoying a three-day weekend, have fun 🙂

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