End of summer cold…ugh

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It all started with a scratchy throat.

And it slowly changed into a stuffed up head, an upset tummy, fatigue, brain fog and an overall BLAH feeling.

I really dislike these end of summer colds.

And what makes it even worse is that it is falling so close to my fall vacation…my favorite vacation.

I’ve been fighting back with cold medicine, extra vitamin C, lots of water, and rest.  I’m crossing my fingers that it will be much improved by tomorrow.  If I had my way, I would call out of work…but I don’t think that looks so good the day before vacation.  Sigh.

The silver lining…only ONE more night of work :)

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Netflix streaming

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So you know how we cancelled cable and kind of felt that shock of NOTHING available to watch on TV except DVDs?

Well now we are trying something new to us…Netflix streaming.  For $8.99/month we get high-def streaming of whatever Netflix currently offers (both TV and movie options).  As we started to search the site, we began to see that there was quite a bit to explore…we’ve made separate profiles for Kimm, Kaye and Kimm/Kaye…and they are filling up fast!  Some of the offerings that we are excited to watch include…House of Cards, Breaking Bad, HawthoRNe, Family Ties, Dexter, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Bones, Private Practice, Frasier.  Those are just some of our joint offerings…there’s a lot more that each of us can watch by ourselves.

We are getting the first month free so we can really try it out.  There is no long-term commitment, so we can stop at any time.  So far I’m pleased…the quality is GOOD.  And the best part is that I can watch it on the TV, the laptop or my iPhone…so even on my break at work, I can fit in a little TV to keep me awake during my rough patch :)

Have you ever tried any streaming?

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No more cable

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So we finally did it.

We cancelled cable.

I’m going to be very happy with the savings.

But let me tell you…it is STRANGE to turn on the TV and see a blank screen :)

Thankfully we still have all of our DVD sets to watch.

And I will still be watching Dancing with the Stars and Survivor online (although I found out today that I will have to wait a full week to view full episodes of DWTS…grrr).

But Kimm has no more hockey!  I’m crossing my fingers that she will be okay with that.

We are looking into a digital antenna that would allow us to still get the local channels.  If it works, that will be great.

In other news…it is getting quite chilly around here.  I’m already wearing sweaters and thinking about mittens!

And…only TWO MORE WORKING DAYS until my fall vacation!!  I’m very much looking forward to that…we have some fun things planned…like a trip to Vermont, The Big E, Ikea, apple picking and fall decorating.    I can’t wait!


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LIVE life.

Monday, September 15, 2014

LIVE life.

This is a reminder to me…to truly ENJOY each and every day, because we never know how many days we will be blessed with.

Last night at work was a doozy…very busy and also emotionally tough.  I’m so glad there were two supervisors on to handle it all.  To make a long story short, a patient had come in through the ER following a syncopal episode and was getting worked up.  The plan was for her to be admitted to the medical/surgical floor.  However, things took a turn for the worse because for some reason (no one knows why), the patient got up from the stretcher, closed the curtain around the stretcher, and proceeded to get dressed.  However, during that time she either fell and had a seizure or had a seizure and fell.  When she fell she hit her head.  A CT scan showed a massive subdural bleed.  Her condition was complicated by the fact that she had a high INR (meaning her bleeding time was higher, so the bleed would spread faster) and she had a low platelet count (meaning she had less clotting factors).  The patient was intubated and transferred to Baystate.  I asked the ER doc how he thought she would fare…he said he was fairly certain she would die because there was such severe swelling and herniation from the bleed.

It was no one’s fault, yet we all felt horrible.

All I could think of was the life this lady no longer had to live…and how she never even knew that it was going to end.


…don’t go to bed angry

…say “I love you” often

…give those bear hugs

…talk to those who mean something to you and tell them how much they mean to you

…spend time with those who make you feel good

…have that piece of chocolate :)

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

…a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee, toast with local honey, and reading my book after work

…a comfy bed to sleep in

…two good legs to walk


…good food on the grill

…a gorgeous sunset

…someone who loves me

…a job with many great co-workers

…Izzy’s smile

…a safe neighborhood



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Banana Bread Thief!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It’s a good thing she’s cute, because BOY, Izzy was bad this morning!

As I walked in the house this morning after work, Izzy, as usual greeted me with a nose kiss and a wagging tail.  I immediately hear from Kimm…”don’t talk to her!”

Turns out Izzy was a little extra hungry this morning…she ate the remainder of our banana bread (a good 1/3 of the loaf!)

Kimm had gotten out all of the breakfast stuff, including the banana bread, and then happened to see our neighbor outside and she wanted to talk to him quickly because we were delivered another neighbor’s newspaper and we don’t know that neighbor at all, but this neighbor who was outside does so she was going to have him deliver the newspaper to her (got all that?!).  So Kimm grabs the newspaper, and is outside about 15 minutes because this neighbor likes to chat!  When she comes back in, she’s like, “hmmm, now where is that banana bread…I KNOW I got it out?”  After looking around, she notices the plastic wrap it was in on Izzy’s bed!

Yup, our dog ate the banana bread.

Like I said, it’s a good thing we love her :)


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FIVE Friday Faves {2}

Friday, September 12, 2014

The days of this month are just whipping by!

Another full day.  We went up to the Apple Store with Kimm’s dad to help support him while he talked to someone re: an issue he’s been having with his iPhone (his email account keeps crashing every time he sends an email), but FAIL…we didn’t realize we had to have an appointment to speak with someone (although technically that is not true…we could have waited two hours!)  So back home we went, going down all different back roads to avoid Big E traffic (#joysoflivinginNewEnglandinthefall).

I finally called and got to have a chat with my parents :)

An after dinner finance meeting which included a drink (yep, needed it to get through that!…we finally transferred over all our money to the new bank Ally…and just in time…received notice in the mail of even more crazy fees for the new United/Rochester bank merger).

Ended the night with a Gilmore Girls and popcorn before heading into work…only FIVE more working days until my fall vacation!

Here are five recipes that I saved this week that are on my “to make soon” list…

Favorite main dish ~~ Vegetable Lo Mein …I LOVE getting vegetable lo mein when we order out Chinese but I would love it more to make it at home.

Vegetable Lo Mein, by thewoksoflife.com

Pic and recipe: The Woks of Life

Favorite snack ~~ Almond Cashew Granola Bars…I used to love granola bars as a kid and still do, but I don’t love all the fake ingredients in the boxed bars in the store…this looks like an easy recipe with two of my favorite nuts included!

Almond Cashew Granola Bars from chef-in-training.com …These are so easy to make, have a delicious flavor, yummy crunch and are perfect for on the go snacks!

Pic and recipe: Chef in Training

Favorite cold weather slurp ~~ Tomato & Dill Soup…Campell’s Tomato Soup is my all time fave…but again, the processed stuff…this recipe looks easy and I love the fun addition of dill!


Pic and recipe: Life Love Liz

Favorite slow cooker breakfast ~~ Overnight Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal…I have some steel cut oats to work with at home and this seems like a “hardly any work, ready when you wake up, perfect fall weather” breakfast…plus who can resist the smell of cinnamon :)

Pic and recipe: The Recipe Critic

Favorite sweet treat ~~ The Best Snickerdoodles…one of my favorite cookies of all time…enough said!

The Best Snickerdoodles - Soft, pillowy puffs that are so irresistible! The closest recipe to Mrs. Fields snickerdoodles that you'll find!

Pic and recipe: Averie Cooks

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014



…is 8 years old today!


We celebrated with homemade peanut butter dog treats (which she loved…obviously).


Happy birthday Izzy :)

(hard to believe we’ve had this little love bug for FIVE years today!)

The rest of the day –

I went to the dentist (I have one cavity that will have to be filled (turns out my old fillings are starting to pull away from the teeth, allowing bacteria to get in and create new cavities around the old fillings…so the old filling will have to come out and a new filling to replace it).

Izzy had a vet appointment.  Bottom line…she is a healthy pup.  She is maintaining her weight.  She does still have all these lumps but none that are too worrisome at this point (meaning they have not changed shape/color/don’t seem to be bothering her).

Petunia (Kimm’s best friend) came for a visit.  She has two young girls so her coming to see us for adult talk time is a real treat for her.  We got food out (we tried the calzones from the pizza place we generally order from…they were okay, but I don’t think anything that we would order again…it was weird because there was no sauce inside, only served on the side…not like any calzone I’ve ever had!  Plus it was baked, not fried…hmmm, maybe calzones are just different in New England vs. WI).

It was a busy day and I was out like a light when my head hit the pillow.


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That first night off.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unless you work nights I don’t think you can truly understand the glory that is your first night off.

That feeling of knowing that you will NOT have to get ready to go in to work while the rest of the world is heading to bed is GLORIOUS!

My first night off included…

…homemade veggie pizza

…eaten while sitting and watching Chopped

…making banana bread (which I overbaked…grr…hopefully will still taste ok)

…Gilmore Girls and popcorn

Tomorrow is a busy one…dentist appointment, vet appointment for Izzy, a visit with Petunia (Kimm’s best friend).  And of course whatever else I can fit in around it.

I did finish reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.  Really an excellent book.  As much as you think you can try to understand how badly the Jews were treated by the Germans, I don’t think we ever can…however, this book is remarkable in making you feel the horror.  It’s a tragedy that such an event ever existed.   I would urge you to read and remember.

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Some pics.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last night at work was seriously one of the best in a long time…there was sufficient amount of staff for all departments (a rarity really), I didn’t get called about any issues, and I was able to leaf through the latest People magazine from a staff member from birthing.

Today we are doing a low carb day (we do them about once a week to kind of detox from all the sugar).  I came home and had a piece of string cheese and a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter while I did 10 minutes of stretching of my calves.  Then it was pumpkin spice coffee (the Stop and Shop brand which I really like…very pumpkin-y!) with 2 tablespoons of cream and 10 drips of vanilla creme Stevia (no carbs…a recent purchase on Amazon).

I slept not so great…not really sure why.  But I was up by 4 pm after tossing and turning a bit and decided to take a walk…great weather…finally cooler!

Dinner was Cheeseburger Salad, a favorite in our house…

…a bed of greens (whatever you like, we use romaine lettuce), Griller’s original burgers cooked and shredded, mixed with ketchup and mustard until flavors infused (3 tablespoons ketchup and 1 tablespoon mustard for three burgers…enough to split between two people), shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, red onion, tomatoes, pickle slices (dill for me, half sour for Kimm), and a sprinkling of finely crushed Cheese/Garlic croutons…I top mine with Ranch dressing, Kimm eats hers plain (weird-o :))

I finally set up my computer to sync my iPhone photos so I can easily copy them to the blog…


The final knitted baby blanket!


My ice cream treat from Sunday…


Blueberry Crumb Cake…the bomb!


Madeline in her morning spot…spoiled cat?

I have one more night to work.  I think having a good night yesterday is going to bite me in the butt tonight…I saw that three units are short (ICU, IMC and ED) so I have this feeling that I will be working as a floor nurse tonight since both myself and the other night supervisor are both on.  We shall see.  Actually it would be good experience to use the handhelds again and not forget anything since it has been so long.   Of course it would have to be the week that my favorite intensivist is on (insert sarcasm!)


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