DETOX {Day 14}

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I MADE IT!  My first four-day stretch is done…

Nothing incredibly crazy at work…just a lot of talk about Ebola.  People are worried.  Hopefully we’ll get a better sense of the “plan” our hospital will employ if a patient comes in with suspected Ebola symptoms.


12 am — 1/3 of my smoothie

4 am — rest of smoothie, 1/4 cup cashews

6 am — serving of green beans with crushed almonds (cooked in olive oil) with salt

Ride home — 1/4 cup almonds, apple

Dinner — Open faced quesadillas (corn tortillas covered with refried beans and sautéed onions/green pepper, then some salsa for eating) with some brown rice on the side (mixed with some olive oil, cumin and salt), banana with almond butter

Snack — popcorn, apple

I was tired!  Not much sleep during the day because I had to get up early to take Izzy to the vet.  One of the lumps on her side had increased in size and was bothering her.  At the vet’s they shaved the area and said it looked like it might have been a cyst as it was draining.  No medication or anything else needed at this time.  Our only task is to keep Izzy from licking!  AND…we finally came up with a good solution!!  We took one of Kimm’s old t-shirts and put Izzy’s legs through the arm holes and her tail through the neck hole…the body of the shirt came up around her belly and was held in place by the Thundershirt!  GENIOUS!!!  Completely prevented her from licking during the night.

We watched the last episode of The Fosters…can’t wait to see what happens this next season, but I guess that won’t be until January!

Bed is going to feel SO GOOD.

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