Spring and Snowmen

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yes, at last, spring (for however long it may last–which is usually a blink of an eye, before the stifling humidity of summer arrives) is here in Massachusetts!  The weather has been gorgeous–warm, breezy, and sunny.  It reminds one of childhood, when the only job you had to think about was what you were going to play that day–tag, Barbies, making a tree tent, riding your bike, going to the park, playing on the swingset.  I’m reminded of these things every day, mostly because I can hear the kids out the window, screaming with delight as they play in the park across the street.  I’m truly glad that there are kids that still play outside and aren’t holed up inside, watching T.V. and playing video games.

So as far as the grown-up games…yes, we grown-ups still get excited about spring, although usually for different reasons.  This year, I’m all excited to spruce up the deck area again.  So that meant I had to clean it up from last summer.  Yep, the procrastinator in me left all the pots with plants in them on the deck all winter.  So I had to wait for them to thaw before being able to clean them out.  Yes, I’m also a little anal–I want to have REALLY clean pots to put fresh dirt into!  So on Monday night I dumped all the old, dead, scary- looking plants into trash bags and washed the pots.  Now they are fresh and ready to use.  We won’t go shopping for more plants until a little later (believe me, I’m not fooled into thinking this beautiful weather will last for long!).  But when I feel ready, the pots are also ready.

Clean pots

Clean pots 🙂

To add to the wonderful weather, I noticed yesterday that the leaves were out on the trees!  Now I don’t know how that happens so fast.  I was watching, watching, watching…nothing!  When I don’t watch…LEAVES!  This is a picture of the leaves on a tree next to our deck–I call it our “treehouse.”

Trees with new leaves

The leaves are here!

So what better to do when it is springtime, than to start thinking of winter!  Well, I’ve been feeling rather crafty as of late, and since I don’t do so many crafts, I fall back to what I do know…cross-stitching.  And I’ve been working on some snowmen ornaments for a bit, but now they are just about done, as I’m on the last one.  It is a little funny to be working on Christmas ornaments in the springtime, but at least I’ll have cute new ornaments for the tree this year.  This is the one I’m working on now–“Snowman with Sled” (very creative name, right?)

Snowman in Progress

Snowman in progress…

And here are the three that I have finished–“Snowman with Broom,” “Snowman with Bird,” and “Snowman with Snowballs.”

Completed Snowmen

Snowmen ready for the tree!

There’s something kind of relaxing about cross-stitching.  The going is slow, one stitch at a time, but then when you’re done, you have something cute.  I mostly worked on these when Kimm was watching the Montreal Canadiens in the playoffs–as you can tell, I’m not that much into hockey.  But for those of you who are–they did win the first round of the playoffs, 4 games to 3 games, over the Boston Bruins–but they did it the hard way.  They won the first two games, then they lost the next, won the next, lost the next two, and FINALLY won game seven!  I guess they wanted to make sure that their fans got to see them play as much as possible.  Let me just tell you, living with a Canadien fan during that week was STRESSFUL–thank goodness they won.  But now they go on for the next round of the playoffs, against the Philadelphia Flyers.  So I’ll have more time to stitch and hope that they win for my sweetie’s sake!

Final thought relating spring and snowmen–it’s so nice out today I wish it was winter so that I wouldn’t mind having to go to work tonight!

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