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March 25, 2008

The last time I visited the local library (well, not so local since I drive to the one in Agawam–nicer–rather than go to the one in Holyoke–bad area) I picked up some informational books on buying a first home. “K” and I have been thinking and dreaming and hoping on doing this for an extremely long time and since I now have a job that pays respectably and thus I have been able to pay down a good portion of my debt, it is becoming more of a soon future reality. So today, after having my coffee and relaxing a bit, I started looking through some of them. I was able to do some calculations and found that with the debt I have remaining at this point, I could possibly qualify for a $121,000 loan. WOW!! And, even more exciting, probably by the end of the year, I could possibly qualify for a $214,000 loan. After doing all the calculator work, it was so exciting to think that perhaps someday by next summer, we could be living in our own home, paying money towards a mortgage, gaining equity, rather than paying rent.

As I was doing that, I started looking at my current debt and realized that by the end of August I should be able to shave it down considerably. That is because by that time my car will be paid off (saving me approximately $275/month) and I should have only one credit card remaining to pay off (which, with all things working in my favor, should be paid off by December 2008). This is incredibly hard for me to wrap my head around. I have had so much debt for so long, that I won’t know what it’s like NOT to have debt. In fact, when it is all done, the only debt I will have is my school loan from my uncompleted Master’s program (a measly $81/month). Again, WOW!!

So what does all this mean? A lot of dreaming! What kind of house will I live in? Well, I know that we definitely want at least 1 1/2 baths, 2 bedrooms minimum, fireplace (hopefully!), nice outside area, and hopefully a garage. Even better would be 3 bedrooms, a dining room, and computer room. It will be so exciting to decorate it all. We’ve already decided that we’ll have a joint savings account to put money into monthly towards the house. So hopefully in a year it’ll be decorated to our satisfaction.

Even more exciting is that once this is all in place, I can finally start to think about having a baby! Talk about dreaming and hoping!

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