No more cable

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So we finally did it.

We cancelled cable.

I’m going to be very happy with the savings.

But let me tell you…it is STRANGE to turn on the TV and see a blank screen 🙂

Thankfully we still have all of our DVD sets to watch.

And I will still be watching Dancing with the Stars and Survivor online (although I found out today that I will have to wait a full week to view full episodes of DWTS…grrr).

But Kimm has no more hockey!  I’m crossing my fingers that she will be okay with that.

We are looking into a digital antenna that would allow us to still get the local channels.  If it works, that will be great.

In other news…it is getting quite chilly around here.  I’m already wearing sweaters and thinking about mittens!

And…only TWO MORE WORKING DAYS until my fall vacation!!  I’m very much looking forward to that…we have some fun things planned…like a trip to Vermont, The Big E, Ikea, apple picking and fall decorating.    I can’t wait!


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