Thursday, September 11, 2014



…is 8 years old today!


We celebrated with homemade peanut butter dog treats (which she loved…obviously).


Happy birthday Izzy 🙂

(hard to believe we’ve had this little love bug for FIVE years today!)

The rest of the day —

I went to the dentist (I have one cavity that will have to be filled (turns out my old fillings are starting to pull away from the teeth, allowing bacteria to get in and create new cavities around the old fillings…so the old filling will have to come out and a new filling to replace it).

Izzy had a vet appointment.  Bottom line…she is a healthy pup.  She is maintaining her weight.  She does still have all these lumps but none that are too worrisome at this point (meaning they have not changed shape/color/don’t seem to be bothering her).

Petunia (Kimm’s best friend) came for a visit.  She has two young girls so her coming to see us for adult talk time is a real treat for her.  We got food out (we tried the calzones from the pizza place we generally order from…they were okay, but I don’t think anything that we would order again…it was weird because there was no sauce inside, only served on the side…not like any calzone I’ve ever had!  Plus it was baked, not fried…hmmm, maybe calzones are just different in New England vs. WI).

It was a busy day and I was out like a light when my head hit the pillow.


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  1. My mom and aunt used to own a pizza place and that’s exactly how the calzones were made. Happy birthday to Izzy!! That is a great photo of Kimm and Izzy. She is definitely a very luck pup.

    I’ve had to have most of my fillings replaced in recent years.

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